Our family in April 2017

I totally forgot my new family portrait photography this month. To be honest, it has been quite a challenging month. Lots of broken nights, early mornings, hard deadlines at work, and just lots and lots of work in every sense and in every aspect of our lives. So I forgot until I saw other bloggers sharing their own family portraits on social media. 

Oh well. As I always say to myself, better done than perfect, so I decided to dig out the ONLY pictures all three of us are in. It is a family selfie taken in our messy house. After a kids birthday party, with my daughter still wearing the face paint. They were taken because I wanted to share something funny on Facebook and needed a picture to go alongside it. "Done is better than perfect" so here it is. Our April family portrait. Done. 

Our family in April 2017 - family portrait project

In April 2017 I have delivered a really important project at work, had good feedback and aced my end of year review. Work-wise, I was feeling pretty good. It is all going rather well, although I still of course have a lot to learn after only five months in. 

Blog-wise, not that great. I have just been exhausted and tired, and really wanting to come and write but not being able to find the time or the energy to come here to share my thoughts. It hasn't been a great month personal life wise. A two-week spell of poor sleep due to a poorly sleeping little girl has made everything other than absolutely necessary a total drag. What I have lacked in writing, I have taken back in watching though and I have become a bit obsessed with Line of Duty. Now on season three! If you haven't seen it, you should. A brilliant UK crime drama series. I've also started going to the gym again. 

mum dad and daughter in a family selfie

My daughter has, I think, been going through a bit of a growth spurt, as she has been waking up at night demanding food. And waking up at 5.30AM demanding food. she is getting bigger and chunkier and it is just lovely to see. 

She has loved the idea of pets and has been asking us why she doesn't have pets. At the nursery they had little chicks, that they hatched and got to hold and play with. They were absolutely gorgeous and we considered for a brief moment whether we would like to rescue them to our backyard once they "will go back to the farm"... Unfortunately, our back garden is paved, not really suitable for chicken, and suburban chicken are probably not the greatest idea anyway. 

In June she will turn four, and I have been asking what kind of a party she wants. First it was Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) but now she told me "I have changed my mind" and it should be Anna from Frozen. I'm going to be honest, I would prefer to do Belle because everyone has already done Anna, but it looks like Frozen it is... I'll give her one more week to change her mind back ha ha just in case. 

Our family in April 2017 - family selfie in our home

Husband on the other hand has been sharing my excitement about Line of Duty - we are both very much into it. The gym and the personal trainer have made it back to our lives again too... 

He has also been busying himself with fixing our kitchen and various other little titbits in our house, left over from our huge renovation job couple of years back. The final little things in the kitchen have finally been finished after a long wait for the kitchen company to deliver us the last bits and bobs... Door furniture attached to our front door. Door frames painted. Sideboards fixed. And so on and so on. Those last little niggling jobs that you never get around to but just bug you. We still have lots to go, but it is a start! 

So there. A busy busy April, and I am sure another busy month ahead! 

How was your April?  


  1. A fun set of photos that shows your family life exactly as it is - busy and hectic! #meandmineproject

    1. That's exactly what it is. Busy and hectic! It's the age isn't it, it's always going to be hectic with a three year old.


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