What our family was up to in May 2017?

May has been a rather nice time. Lots of days off from work with the May Bank Holidays, and I've also taken a few additional days off. The weather has got really lovely all of a sudden - the spring has really come and brought the summer with it. We even manage to get our monthly portraits done without too much hassle and in time this month! It was just our local park, in the tree-lined walkway I love walking through and taking photographs at, often featuring it on my Instagram

Family portrait in May 2017 - Wave to Mummy

This month I have been enjoying the extra holidays, very much so. I don't think I have actually done anything particularly ground-breaking during the bank holidays. Just chilled back home, and done the usual stuff. I've had lots of plans how to best use the time, but in reality, we just enjoyed spending some family time, going to the park, meeting friends, going to the aquarium, going to a baby disco... 

The weather has been so so so hot here, and I have lacked on the appropriate summer office wear department in my wardrobe... So I have been shopping lots at Marks and Sparks. I've used their online stylist, and got a fab few ideas from them, and bought lots of clothes to take me through the summer. 

Mid-May I also visited Finland, to see my grandfather. He has been quite ill recently so it was nice to pop by for a few days and spend some time with him. I used to spend many of my school holidays at my grandparents when I was a little girl, and going back felt so homely. We talked, we went out, saw family, relaxed, just the type of things you do with your grandparents. 

Family photographs May 2017 - Wave to Mummy

As a family, we have been especially pre-occupied with the biggest party of the year... My daughter's fourth birthday party, at the beginning of June. A few days ago our dearest daughter told us: "I hope my friends will like my party. I hope my friends won't think it is boring..." so the pressure is on. Oh, the pressure is on. 

The party theme is Elsa, from Frozen, and I have gone slightly overboard with my Pinterest-pinning induced glitter Elsa-frenzy. If I tell you that I have ordered myself an Anna dress, just for the party, you can sort of tell how much I've got into the party planning mode. 

We have invited an awful a lot of girls, from her school, her Montessori class and her ballet. She has an awful lot of friends, and she has wanted to invite all the girls to her princess party. So we have invited an awful lot of girls, of which we of course secretly hoped not all could come. Because in reality, we could probably accommodate 25 girls and their parents but it might be a bit of a squeeze... 

As for my daughter she has enjoyed her princess games, and pretending to be a queen, and princess and Elsa, and Elsa again. We have had many heart-rendering renditions of Let it Go, complete with the whole choreography with Elsa throwing her gloves and crown away. 

She has suddenly decided that she is a big girl, and wants to do her things her way. She has her own style, and likes to choose her own clothes. Anything that is pink, is a firm favourite. She has been particularly funny, with witty one-liners directed mostly at my husband. I smell another post coming just on those one-liners... She has also been a bit trying, with her independence surging. It is lovely to see her getting bigger and bigger but it can also be a real challenge when you just want her to eat her greens!

As for my husband, we celebrated his 34th! It was a normal working day for me, so he went out with his mum to the Pink Floyd exhibition, and to celebrate the birthday, we ordered a Chinese takeaway in the evening. That's living on the edge, parental style! Gone are the days when you used to go out for the night, and have a wild time out on the town. Now it is staying in, and falling asleep before midnight. With belly full of Chinese. 

Other than celebrating his birthday, he has also been a rock for me while I have had to stay at work some late nights to finish some important pieces of work lately. Having a partner that can easily take an additional load with the kids when needed is so valuable when you are trying to build a career!

So that is what we were up to in May 2017. How did your month go?


  1. Ahhh gorgeous snaps and look at the weather so nice. It's been lovely out lately. Especially the last one too. So nice to have him jump in and help you when you need it lovely. #meandmineproject

    1. Thank you :) It was such a lovely weather and it seems June will be treating us much the same. And yes - so important isn't it to have a supportive partner!

  2. What a lovely month you have had. I hope all goes well with your daughter's birthday party and I love that you have thrown yourself into it and bought an Anna dress! That last photo of you and your grandfather is beautiful. #meandmineproject

    1. Thank you so much :) The birthday party went really well, although I was up making the cake ridiculously late ha ha. But it got done in time and the girls loved it! And thank you, I love that picture :)

  3. Good luck with the party, you can't go wrong with Disney!

    1. Thank you! It went really well in the end, was very pleased :)


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