How did July 2017 go for our family?

As ever, at the end of the month I share a quick summary of what has been happening in our lives in the past month. July has been a rather active one, and we have been outdoors a lot. It has been lovely to go to a pick your own, and to lavender fields, and the beach, and it feels like nearly every weekend we have been out there somewhere. And I hope August will be as outdoorsy for us too!

We went to the lavender fields because it was one of those things I have wanted to do for ages, ever since seeing other bloggers share their stunning lavender field family shoots... With a fournado in tow I didn't manage to capture those visually amazing family shots many do, but they were quite funny nonetheless!  

family at a lavender field smelling flowers

This July I have loved:
  • Lavender fields! We took a trip down to Hitchin Lavender because well, my social media feeds have been purple whole of July and blogger see, blogger do. 
  • The beach! We went on a beach near to London at the beginning of July. I've probably said it so many times here but I just love the seaside and if there is anywhere I could live, it would be by a beach. 
  • Photography - the new locations have got me excited about photography again and I've taken a ridiculous amount of pictures I need to go through and edit. 
  • Sweet and savoury summer salads. When the heat wave was at its worst, I didn't feel like eating anything other than salads, so I made my old favourite - a strawberry-feta salad. It is amazing, seriously, and you should try it. I also tried a new version with raspberry and goat cheese, and am planning to test melon salads too.  
  • The end of nursery. It really is an end of an era and it feels like such a big step, and I loved to look back on the year and see how far my little girl has grown. 

Wave to Mummy family at lavender fields

My daughter Aili has loved:
  • Having a headteachers award for her good learning in phonics!
  • Drawing lots and lots and lots.
  • Going to the lavender fields and playing with lavender twigs.
  • Pretending to get married to daddy. 
  • Her new sand and water table, and burying her toys in the sand. 
  • Galloping with hew hobby horse and pretending to be a cow girl. She also likes to dress the hobby horse in a nice dress. 
  • Starting a swimming course and a theatre summer school!

Parents kissing and a child face-palming

My husband has loved:
  • Rugby. He has joined a rugby club so a night or two a week he is getting his mud on. There have been many many shopping trips to get appropriate gear now! 
  • Painting finishing touches in our house - it is nice to see the final bits and bobs being tidied up here!
  • Cooking with our daughter, and trying to get her to try new things. So far, she has had a half an orange and a small bite of a corn cob!
  • Completing a couple of bigger design projects, like building websites for his clients. 
  • And also going to the lavender fields, and pick your own farm!

What have you loved this month?


  1. Oh that last photo made me chuckle - I love the expression on your daughter's face. Fournado is a good term - I shall have to remember that one! Lovely shots of the three of you in amongst the lavender :-) #meandmineproject

    1. Thank you :) yeah fournado is the term we use mostly of her - she is a bit wild ha ha! I hope your July went well :)

  2. Aww these are lovely photos. That third one made me smile!! :D x

    1. It makes me giggle everytime I see it :D she's been doing that face palm a while now for all kinds of reasons, usually us :)

  3. Ahhh such lovely photos. Hope you are having a great summer and happy August ahead. I will wish sunshine and no rain virtually to you all from here. Love your daughter's face. #meandmineproject

    1. Thank you :) it was such a nice July but comparably unfortunately August has been weather-wise a bit rubbish. I hope you've had a better weather over there!


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