How to choose the best fuller bust and plus size bras: Expert advice

Like many women, I am atrocious at lingerie buying. Pregnancies, child birth, gaining and losing weight (OK, mostly gaining...) and just plain simple ageing has meant my body shape and size over the last five years has been in a flux. You lose touch of what your body needs. But now I have been taught on exactly how to find a perfect bra for a fuller bust (that's DD+ cup size) and/or a plus size lady, and I would like to share this newfound wisdom for the benefit of all you other ladies! And perhaps even some men shopping for their significant others this Valentines?

Last week I was invited to a blogger event with Very, to have a look at Very's Valentine's lingerie collection and to chat with the many lingerie brands present. And chat with the brands I did, and through that I got some excellent expert advice on how to choose a good bra for the bigger boob.

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First I had a chat with Pour Moi technical expert on how exactly plus-size and fuller bust (DD+) bras are made. Turns out, there are quite a lot of technical differences compared to "normal" bras:
  • The best support comes from a three-(or more)-piece construction - so for best support look for bras where the cup is made from minimum three stitched-together pieces. 
  • The moulded cups are OK too - some women prefer to smooth look underneath their shirts. I know I do! It is a matter of preference and the quality is still pretty good, but not as supportive.
  • Because there is more filler (so to speak) at the front, the plus-sized / fuller bust bra straps often need to be shorter length and/or more adjustable. 
  • Wider straps are a must with bigger boobs! They are heavier and if load is not spread properly, your shoulders will hurt. 
  • Because of the bigger breast tissue, the middle of the bra (center point) usually needs to be smaller and the cups closer together than in average size bras. 
  • Like with any boobs, also bigger boobs are different in sizes and shapes so to find the best fit you will have to try different models. 

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I then popped by to chat with ladies at the Freya stand, who suggested I go to a bra fitting with their expert. I came out three to four cup sizes bigger. Mind. Blown. 

At the bra-fitting I learned several tips on how to ensure you have a well-fitting bra, even if they are on the bigger side:
  • When fitting the bra, put it on, put your hand inside the cup and move your boob towards to middle to position it correctly.
  • The band should sit straight around the body and have a secure fit. It is supposed to be quite tight, but if you can fit your fingers underneath and pull it out a bit, it fits. Fit the band on the loosest setting, as over time your bra will start to stretch.
  • The cup should not pinch your boob. Pay special attention to the sides and top of the cup and examine whether it presses down on the flesh on either size making you spill out.  
  • The underwire goes surprisingly far to be able to accommodate the whole breast - it extends well underneath the armpits. 
  • The middle between the cups should lie flat to your skin between your breasts. It there is a gap in the center gore, the cup is too small. 
  • Fit to the bigger boob! Most women have odd-pair boobs, and you have to accommodate the biggest one first. It is a balancing act between finding a cup size that does not create a double-boob for the bigger, but doesn't look too gappy on the smaller side.
  • As you get older, your breast tissue generally expands, so it is likely you will need to go for a bigger cup size. 
I was so comfortable in my new, correct size, that I on my way home I ordered two of the bras (Fantasie Rebecca) I tried on at the fitting. As soon as they arrived two days later, I joyfully threw away my old poorly fitting bras and rejoiced walking around with my boobs feeling nice and comfy and properly supported. Ladies, go for a proper fitting. You will not regret it.

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At the event I got to chat with quite a few brands present and I was pleasantly surprised what a range of sizes and styles they offered. Pour Moi? goes up to 44 and J cup, Gossard up to 38G, Ann Summers up to 44H, Elomi 42K, Fantasie up to 40 and JJ cup, Curvy Kate goes up to 44 and K cup, Wonderbra up to 36 and I cup, and Freya up to 38 and a K cup. All these brands are available from the Very's Valentines collection, although sizes available might vary.

The best thing however was that all these brands had a multitude of colours and patters and beautiful designs available. You know, the type of underwear you don't actually want to wear _underneath_ your clothes... It wasn't just the boring granny-beige, black and white often offered for bigger breasts, but real stunners. Not that there is anything wrong with the granny-beige, hey, they are the most useful underneath white shirts and I'm sporting one right now too, it's just that a girl, even when she's a bigger size, also needs variety!

How to choose the best bra for a big bust - plus-sized lingerie ideas and tips for a big breasts!

What kind of lingerie do you like? Any other ladies there who have also been lost with what size they are?


  1. Choosing the right size bra is itself a challenge. Thanks to this post for such really helpful guide. It is difficult to know what the accurate size will be the best fit. But cosabella's plus size chemises are perfect for this as my sister is plus size she has tried this product/ She is really happy with this and it makes cosabella a worth buy product.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I haven't tried them myself but they look nice.


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