I'm 27 weeks now - nearly third trimester!

Oh gosh hasn't time just flown by! 

It seems like just yesterday I announced our happy news. I still haven't posted our gender announcement here although I did film a gender reveal video with the future big sister... well over a month ago. I am hoping to get it online before the baby is actually born. This post is actually the second pregnancy post I have done during this whole pregnancy. Not great for a family / parenting blogger, eh?

sister hugging the baby bump

Maybe this is just what it is when you are pregnant the second time? Time just seems to flow by. With my first pregnancy I could always tell how many weeks I was at the time. Now on the other hand if anyone asks, I just tell them it is something like 25 or maybe 26 weeks, not sure but the due date is in mid-May... I had to go online and use a pregnancy calculator to figure out how far along I really was. 

Having an older child and the busyness of life that comes from school runs and pick-ups and the constant laundry distracts you from bump watch. Not to mention the day job as well. Last time I was pregnant was five years back. My job at the time was half the pay and half the pressure of the current one. It certainly left a lot more time for the idle Googling of pregnancy symptoms and day dreaming about the baby. 

wearing best ever sister shirt

So how am I feeling now, being on the final stretches of this pregnancy?
  • I'm developing the waddle. I can feel it and hubby says he has been seeing it a while already.
  • I am starting to find it difficult to get off the sofa / bed.  
  • I am feeling some very strong movements, and hiccups, and some of the stronger kicks can be seen and felt by others. 
  • Compared to the absolute exhaustion I felt in my first trimester, I am not feeling half bad. 
  • That said, I've been marred by colds all winter, battling a chest infection and for the first time in my life having to use an asthma inhaler to manage the constant wheezing. 
  • Other than that, no particular aches or pains, which I am thankful of. 
  • I really wish I could/would do more exercise - but with business of work and the constant colds I haven't managed to go to the gym much, nor do much anything else. 
  • I'm starting to worry about the birth. It was a dire experience last time, with poorly managed pain and ending in a forcible extraction, an infection, several days in a miserly post-natal ward and nearly two months of slightly hobbled walking. I am hoping for something better this time. 
  • I am really looking forward to starting my maternity leave. I am hoping to leave 3 weeks before due date - enough time before the birth, but maximising the time spent home with the baby. 
  • I've already told work that I plan to be away minimum six months and that I want to move to a new position when back. Might as well try something new!  
  • We haven't got anything ready for the baby yet - eek! It doesn't need much, right? Just a crib and some nappies, right? Thankfully, we've kept most of the things from our daughter's baby years. Now, just to find where we stashed it all... 

sister kissing the baby bump

It really feels like this is speeding ahead. Time is passing so fast, and it still doesn't feel quite real, that in just a couple of months we will be a family of four. Just wow, what a change that will be...

Aili, the big sister has been so great and is very excited, and talks about the baby non-stop. She is so keen to help and will not forget to give the baby (or rather, my tummy) kisses and cuddles every single day. She will be such a great big sister! We took a couple of photos together to mark this 27th week - plan is to do a couple more of these photo shoots in the coming weeks. I had originally been planning to take a picture a week, and do one of those speeded-up progression videos but oh well... You can guess what happened to that project ha ha! 

heart sign on a pregnancy belly

Are any of you on the other side of the screen expecting too? How's it been?


  1. Aaah bless you Sanna — looking lovely!! So exciting for you all!! I don't blame you for not posting regularly. Sometimes I think there's too much exposure and pressure for parenting bloggers to share every single detail. It's such a precious time and nice to pull away from social media sometimes. Take care of yourself C xxx

    1. Thank you :) I do love hearing the details when others discuss their pregnancies and parenting, but yes, sometimes there is the danger of oversharing. It is scary how much we can sometimes reveal of ourselves to complete strangers! I've been quite moderate I think with this pregnancy...

  2. Don't worry about not being ready. I was so frightened with mine I didn't get anything ready before 34 weeks ... And you will have stuff already this time round!

    1. I shouldn't really worry too much. We do still have EVERYTHING from the first round, it's just in storage so will take a bit to locate it all. I will be leaving work when 37 weeks pregnant so I think will have to get pretty busy then!

  3. Huge congratulations, you’re nearly there! I had my daughter whilst living in London but moved back home to Finland when she was a few months old. And now I’m expecting number two as well, very exciting! Although the first trimester fatigue was something else this second time around, oh my goodness... I’ve been reading your blog for quite a few years now and wish you and your family all the best these upcoming exciting months! :) Terveisin Johanna

    1. Kiitos Johanna! And congratulations for your second baby! How exciting! I did find that this time the fatigue felt a lot worse then with the first pregnancy - possibly because parenting a little one is exhausting in itself already (and our daughter can be a handful...). All the best for you and your babies :)


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