What happened in our lives in April 2018?

So, this is going to be our last family portrait as a family of three. Next month, by hook or crook, we will be a family of four! 

My due date is on 14th May, so the baby will come sometime in May, even if (like last time) we had a very late baby who had to be forcibly extracted. I am hoping for a late (albeit easier) delivery though as we are still in prepping mode. Should really sort out that cot sometime soon for example... Oh yes, and the hospital bag. 

wave to mummy family portrait april 2018

So, what have I been up to and enjoying the past month?

  • I finished work! A fair few late nights and I think I got most done and if I didn't... Well. Someone else will now have to continue. 
  • I have enjoyed being back home and relaxing although it has been strange not having work to preoccupy me. 
  • Have started thinking and planning all things baby. Thankfully we've got most of the things we already need, just need to dust them off. 
  • Taking bits and bobs to the charity and recycling - there is much more de-cluttering of my own junk to do though. 
  • The return of sunny skies and ability to dry laundry outside. It's the simple pleasures in life that matter... 

girl holding up a baby outfit and laughing

family looking at baby outfit

family holding a baby outfit

Aili has loved:
  • Her soon-to-be-here sibling!
  • Singing to mummys tummy every evening. 
  • Her new scooter - she is obsessed with it. 
  • Her tablet - she is loving listening to songs on it and looking at hair tutorials. She is turning into a little teenager!
  • Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany Bliss. It is a YouTube channel where this lady makes custom-made My Little Ponies of various characters - such as turning a PinkiePie into Ariel the mermaid. To be honest, she is pretty good, but my god is Aili obsessed! 
  • Saying how Paw Patrol is for babies (but secretly still loving playing with the characters when the opportunity arises)
  • Bunnies, Peter Rabbit and Max&Ruby. She wants to have a bunny birthday!
  • Growth mindset. This is something they are teaching at her primary school so every time I've told her I don't know how to do something she tells me "Mummy, you must try hard! You must have growth mind-set". She has explained that "If you try and try, your brain will GROW! This is growth mindset".

family portrait

Hubby has enjoyed:
  • Getting together with his rugby mates for drinks. 
  • Meeting new clients. 
  • Planning the cinema visits for the next month and a half (Black Panther, Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and so on - there are so many great films coming out!)
  • Getting back into the gym and weightlifting. 

So there. That's our life this past month. Next time see you as a family of four!

How was your April?

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  1. Such lovely photos to remember this special time as a three! #meandmine


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