What happened in our lives in July 2018

It is lovely being a family of four, but gosh, don't those little babies just zap all the time? I am not really sure what has happened in July, it has seemingly gone in a flash. We had a birthday party (one month late), had a ballet show where Aili danced, went to the beach, finished reception, planned all kinds of summer activities and mostly just melted in the heat. So maybe it's just easier to make a note of the things that we have loved this month!

family picture at the beach

I have loved:

  • Coming up with bunny-themed ideas for Aili's 5th birthday. And making cakes and biscuits and decorations of course. 
  • Hosting 15 kids and their parents for said party and still having a house left standing at the end of it!
  • Seeing my big girl dance like an "angel" in a ballet show. (Their show piece was called Angels by the way ha ha!)
  • Finally getting to go swimming post-partum! Been to the sea and the swimming pool now. 
  • Baby cuddles of course, and sneaking upstairs for a little staring session in the evenings when she is asleep in the bedside crib. 

Aili has loved:
  • Finishing school - apparently "school is booooring". 
  • Dancing in the ballet show and having spotted her dad in the audience. 
  • Having so many friends come to her bunny party.
  • Going to the seaside. 
  • Having baked and decorated biscuits with mummy. 
  • Her sister - she gives so many cuddles and just does not leave her little sister alone, ever. She says "I love Aija soooo much" at least once a day, bless. 

family picture at the beach

family picture at the beach

family picture at the beach

Hubby has loved:
  • Playing rugby and going to the gym. 
  • Designing the program for the ballet show and getting loads of compliments for it. 
  • Making these very tasty nut/fruit snack bars from one of James Haskell's recipes.
  • That Orange is the New Black is back on Netflix!  

Aija has loved:
  • Milk and cuddles of course, what baby doesn't. 
  • Her Moomin play gym. She could be there forever, punching the Moomins with her little fists and just looking at them. 
  • Being held standing upright, and walking on her feet. She shakes in excitement and opens her mouth looking all happy every time we do this. 

All in all, we had a lovely July, even if we were melting in the heat wave. And it is nice having our big girl back home, even if we are running out of ideas how to entertain her for the next 5 weeks before school's start again!

How was your July?

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  1. It has to be beach photos in the summer, doesn't it? Lovely natural photos of you all, you all look so happy and relaxed. It sounds like you've had a great month - well done on surviving the birthday party, 15 kids is pretty good going!


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