My mum hack for free time using Smyths Toy Catalogue

Guess what has finally arrived? The new Smyths Toy Catalogue, right in time for Christmas! You can get yours (for free) through this link too.  Now, I hear you wondering, what is this mum hack then. Well. It is as simple as ordering the toy catalogue and letting your kids run wild with it. Guaranteed quiet time as they leaf through the toy catalogue, look at all the things they want (and there is so much!) and then use it for crafting. 

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Smyths Toys.

girl reading a toy catalogue

girl reading a toy catalogue

So, get the toy catalogue. Sit your kids on the sofa or at the table, and give them the toy catalogue. Off you potter to do important mum or dad stuff, and I can guarantee you at least 30 minutes of peaceful quiet time, as the kids are mesmerised by the toy offers. 

Once the noise starts again, get out paper, scissors and glue. Get your kids to cut out the toys they want and ask them to glue them on an A4. Guaranteed easy-peasy and quiet craft session, and as a bonus, you've got their Christmas wish list sorted without doing any of the thinking effort yourself.  For older kids feel free to set them a challenge, such as using the cut-outs to make a mosaic picture, or to make a colour coded mosaic art work.

toy catalogue

girl reading a toy catalogue

My five year old daughter loved this challenge, and so did I, as the house was unusually quiet during it... Several days later she is still going back to her toy catalogue and cutting and gluing her favourites on her Christmas list. So far it looks like anything of PJ Masks, The Incredibles and Lego Princess are at the top of the list, and some Barbie, Sylvanian Families and Paw Patrol things have found their way to the artwork too.

As Smyths Toys also sent us a gift card to go explore their site, I chose a bunch of Lego for Santa's Christmas sack - they had a great selection of both classic and other Lego, and some pretty good deals on Lego too!  If you want to check out their toy catalogue and get some quiet time in your house, order it through this link for free


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