What happened in our lives in October 2018

Every month I write these posts, and every months I have to try rack my brain into what we have actually done. It is so difficult to remember at first, but there always ends up being quite a lot. Now that I have kids I quite often stop to think what did I actually do with my time before having the little buggers. What did I actually do? Lie in bed all morning probably! 

Anyway, as always, another busy month in a family of four.

family in front of cutty sark

family in front of cutty sark

I have loved:
  • Seeing a new place in London - we visited Cutty Sark, the historical ship in Greenwich, and loved it. 
  • Seeing how much my older daughter loves her new experiences - a dance/theatre workshop, swimming school and biking.
  • Seeing how my younger daughter is so quick to grow and develop. We are looking to wean her soon, as she is now 5 months...
  • Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients cookbook. I don't love cooking, but I do love these recipes as they are uncomplicated and delicious, with minimal prepping. 
  • Baking Scandinavian buns and a roulade. Both were excellent. 
  • Starting to think Christmas. OK, Halloween parties and prep have been fun, and I have loved them too, but this year I want to go full out for Christmas.
  • Trying to find myself a new computer on Currys

family in front of cutty sark

Aili has loved:
  • Getting a big girl bike, with NO stabilisers!
  • Attending a Lion King theatre/dance workshop, doing the show and henceforth singing the Lion King songs every day. From morning to evening. 
  • Baby Shark song. 'Nuff said. 
  • Her swim school and getting comfortable in water. 
  • Going to Finnish Saturday school, and starting to really learn Finnish much better now.
  • Going to a Halloween party and playing with her second cousins. 
  • Planning her with costume for Halloween. I am planning on dressing her baby sister as the witches little cat...
  • Writing, and more writing. We have lots of great little notes from her, little stories and so on. 
  • Her little sister. She comes in our room early (too early) every morning to make a general racket with loud songs and reading of books, and of course telling her sister how cute she is. 

family on the deck of cutty sark

family on the deck of cutty sark

Aija has loved:
  • Her big sister. Her face just lights up when she sees her big sister. And she finds her big sisters PJ Masks dance hilarious. 
  • Gnawing at everything with her new bottom tooth.
  • Learning to crawl. Finally, near the end of the month, she has learned to crawl and now shuffles quite competently albeit slowly anywhere she wants. Usually towards some sort of a computer lead or mummy's hand bags to gnaw. 
  • Learning to sit. She loves moving around and plonking on her butt for a rest.
  • Looking at you with a perplexed look on her face, mouth open whenever you speak to her.  

Hubby has loved:  
  • Seeing the Lion King show.
  • Teaching our girl how to ride a bike. 
  • Seeing our baby girl learn so many new things all of a sudden. 
  • Visiting Greenwich, Cutty Sark and the Byron Burgers afterwards.
  • Having a parent-teacher meeting, and hearing how our little one is doing very well.  
  • When we all leave the house so he can concentrate on work ha ha. 

family on the deck of cutty sark

family on the deck of cutty sark

So that's been it. The pictures were from our trip to Cutty Sark. Other than that we have just been busy living the life of a family with young kids. There is always so much things happening, school visits to do, kiddy activities, and just general tidying there is not a moment that gets boring. 

How was your October?

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  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day for your trip to see the Cutty Sark. Well done to Aili on getting a big girl bike without stabilisers and to Aija on learning to crawl - clever girls! #meandmineproject

  2. It sounds like you've had a lovely month. I've never been to the Cutty Sark - it looks like a fun place to visit with kids. #MeandMine


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