Christmas gift ideas girls aged 5-6 will love

I've got a five year old, so of course I wanted to do a gift guide for girls this age. They in a way are quite easy to buy for, and in a way not necessarily. Here are some ideas ranging from collectible toys to books, that will appeal to girls aged five to six. 

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A kids tablet

You might think that they are too young for a tablet, but we gave our daughter one last year and it has been one of the toys she still loves. So it is definitely one to recommend. 

You can get kids versions, and I really liked Kidicom Max. Everything is child friendly and appropriate. There are strict parental controls and all websites and videos have been pre-approved and suitable for small children. Kids can also use it to chat with their friends/family via a special app, which again is parent approved contacts only. I've also uploaded free games (CBeebies etc) on it. My daughter loves watching videos, sending picture and messages to us and her grandmother, and taking pictures with her tablet. A year on, it is still as fun as ever. My only gripes are the poor battery life, and it can be a bit slow sometimes. 

Collectible toys

They are all the rage at this age, and onwards. This year we got our hands on a new collectible toy called CryBabies Magic Tears - tiny little baby dolls dressed up as different animals. And they cry too. They come with multiple little accessories, in their little box houses which you can then use to house the doll and the said accessories. Very cute, and very popular with my daughter and her friends who have been over to play with them. 

cry babies toys

Num Noms are another popular collectible toy and we've had quite a few of these too - they are good fun even if as an adult I don't quite get them. Kids like to stack them and say they are "so cuuuuute!" ha ha. This year Boots sent us the Num Noms Glitter Lipgloss Truck to go under the tree, and it is quite good fun making the lipglosses. You do need adult supervision to mix them though. 

num noms toys

Character merchandise

So, this year PJ Masks seem to be the big thing at Early Years - all the kids are raging about the show. So, I've selected quite a few PJ Masks things to go under the tree. The night light Owlette was received very well, with my daughter saying "I didn't know I wanted to have one, but now that I have one, I love it". You can have these in other characters too, not just PJ Masks. 

Pyjamas are always a handy gift, and PJ Masks pyjamas are widely available. I bought ours from Sainsbury's, and I have seen versions in Matalan and Asda as well. 

And of course dress-up products are always a big hit at this age - this year I bought her an Owlette costume, which is very popular with girl PJ Masks fans. For dress-up the regular Disney Princess outfits are very popular too!

The Incredibles are very popular too, due to the film coming out earlier in the year. We have a few toys from this range under the tree too... 

night light


owlette costume


This is a bit of a controversial one for girls this age... But in my experience they love it! There are plenty of nail polishes made specifically for kids, with no nasty chemicals and water soluble. Nailmatic is one example and Claire's do ones too

Also, just buying a very simple lip gloss (you can have these branded with all kinds of characters) or lip balm with a nice scent to them is perfectly enough to satisfy that girly interest in make-up, but not be over the top. Claire's have an amazing selection of Lip Smackers and other very cute lip balms and lip glosses little girls love! 


Lego is such a classic toy, and at around five kids start to be able to better follow the instructions and actually construct the Lego toys themselves. I would go for the Lego Juniors and Lego Friends for this age group, as these have simple but challenging enough models for kids in Early Years. For little girls, there are also Lego Princess models, drawing inspiration from Disney films. I didn't even know there were Lego like this until my daughter asked for one - for Christmas we got her an Ariel set.

lego princess set

Nice outfits

I covered jammies already, but a nice party dress is a great gift - and if it is under the tree in the morning, you could suggest they wear it for Christmas dinner and evening celebrations! We received the most gorgeous shimmery dress from Boots, Fearne Cotton collection, which has been a fab favourite worn to all Christmas parties so far. She also got a nice home outfit to wear from Boots Miniclub Christmas collection, another thumbs up for that one. 

red christmas outfit

sparkly dress


You know the rhyme about the four gift rule for kids - a gift you want, a gift you need, a gift to wear and a gift to read... Well, a book is always a great gift at Christmas time be your age anything. For kids aged 5-6, their reading abilities vary a lot so do keep that in mind. Christmas books are nice to receive though, and Grinch is a classic!

Grinch book

What would you get girls aged five to six?

Great Christmas gift ideas for girls aged 5-6 - including electronics, books, toys and character merchandise.

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