Our year of family photographs in 2018

Usually at the end of the month I have shared a family photograph and written a bit about the month past. It is a great way of looking back, reflecting on what has been happening and actually having a reminder of our changing family. Having kids makes everything just so damn busy that you hardly have a chance to stop for a moment and appreciate the changing days. 

In December we didn't do much I suppose. I felt like the Grinch most of the month so we had very little in terms of Christmas prepping. We did get a tree, decorated it a week before Christmas, and also got loads of Christmas gifts for the girls. Santa was very generous this year, even if the big one later on reminisced that none of the gifts on her list made it under the tree. Oops. She loved her gifts she said, but thought maybe Santa couldn't read her letter as she wrote it with a thick black marker... 

Other than that we went to see Santa (of course), this year at Fortnum&Mason's, and us parents went to drink a few cocktails up at the Shard. It was lush. Such pretty photos I will be due to share at a later date in more detail. 

fortnum & mason santa family picture

So this year our December family photos were done with Santa. For whatever reason we just didn't manage to get in front of the camera as a family after this, so this will have to do. The earlier family photos are from various places - some just from home and out at the park, and some from around our London micro-adventures, like the Kensington Palace, Cutty Sark and Whipsnade Zoo. 

So here they are - starting from January!

family photo

family photo

easter blackboard art

family photo with baby clothes

family photo at hospital

family photo with baby

family at the beach

whipsnade zoo family photo

kensington palace family photo

cutty sark family photo

family in matching pyjamas

family with santa

This year we welcomed our baby number two to our lives, and it has been so strange that it feels like she has always been here. She just slotted in, perfectly. Despite the busy times a baby brings we managed to have quite a few micro-adventures here in London. A family trip here and there, and a couple of date nights too. We've been to London Zoo, Whipsnade Zoo, London Aquarium, Kensington Palace, Tower of London, Cutty Sark, V&A Museum of Childhood, The Shard, the opera, the theatre, and lots of local places. 

I have really been enjoying my maternity leave, I do not miss work at all, and even if I haven't managed to do as much of my maternity leave plans, I have felt like I have been able to rest and recuperate well. The last few months of my maternity leave will be busy having to prep all kinds of things home, at blog front, and for return to work! There are quite a lot of clearing I have to do at home, and probably my wardrobe needs a proper sorting and clearing out. I have also got to think a bit more what I want to do and achieve in my career - some sort of change is needed. 

Taking photos of my family every month for a year has been at times annoying, at times funny, and most of the time me having to nag at everyone to come in front of the camera for the five minutes it takes... That said, looking back at these photos I am glad I have been persevering with it, because just look at it - how fantastic is it to have a reminder of the times you have had with your loved ones!

How was your year 2018 and did you take any family photos?

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