Nice gift ideas mothers would love for Christmas

So, what would you buy a mum for Christmas? From personal experience, ahem, I know that mums are short of time and in need of a bit of pampering. In addition to that, anything that saves time and effort is also a big plus! So here are some of my ideas for little things to bring joy into our lives, ranging from consumables and subscription services to more practical items.

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Who wouldn't love nice chocolates, or flowers or luxury biscuits for a Christmas gift? My personal chocolate favourites are Hotel Chocolat, Prestat and Charbonnel et Walker, who all do special Christmas and winter selections. It is well worth choosing the Christmas chocolates over the regular stuff, as they use seasonal flavours such as mulled wine, clementines or even Christmas pudding. For more affordable versions, most supermarkets do great Christmas chocolate selections with their premium ranges.


Flowers and biscuits are another great choice. You can get them for a postal delivery as well, and some companies ensure they fit through the letterbox, making it as easy as possible for the recipient. For flowers I have previously got a Bloom&Wild box which I liked. For biscuits I can recommend Biscuiteers. I recently received a birthday gift from them, and absolutely loved the intricately decorated biscuits, which tasted great, not sickly sweet like most iced biscuits do. In addition to bigger boxes, they also do letterbox selections. 

Subscription services

I love subscription services - they are a great way of trying new things that you wouldn't necessarily know about or even think to try. I find they are perfect for someone who is curious of new products and experiences, and is a bit adventurous with their tastes. As a Christmas gift, they also keep on giving well after Christmas. 

I've always been a fan of trying new tipples, so The Summerton Club was right up my street. They curate a collection of rare and unique spirits, not something you find at the supermarket shelfs, and ship a bottle of beautifully aged brandy, whisky, rum or another spirit to your home. The service costs £50 per bottle, and you can choose from monthly to quarterly deliveries. I loved that with the bottle you got also the story behind the product - I got sent their October bottle, a Swedish whisky, produced by eight whisky-loving friends and aged in a Swedish mine. Fittingly, the drink is called Gruvuguld or Gold from mines, and you can only buy it in Sweden. Or be sent it by The Summerton Club!


Magazine subscriptions are also a nice idea. Recently I got to test Readly, an app that enables for you to have a subscription to unlimited amount of magazines. I've loved being able to find loads of new things to read, and to try new magazines from computing to crafting. There are quite niche magazines as well, so plenty of choice. The subscription costs £7.99/month (although there are often sales and special deals), and you can share the account with 5 family members and read off-line too. I'd say it is perfect for magazine-loving commuters for example! Or just people who want to read a lot.

a phone app

You can get subscription services for pretty much anything! Other good choices include chocolate subscriptions (Hotel Chocolat does one!), flower bouquet services (Bloom&Wild does one!) or even beauty product subscriptions - I hear Birchbox is popular. 

Beauty products

Speaking of beauty products, some carefully selected cosmetics can be a lovely addition to the gift sack. Recently I've been increasingly loving organic and natural ingredients, and looking at reducing the chemical load on my beauty products. I've enjoyed testing these following beauty products for that reason.

beauty products

Lyonsleaf zinc & calendula cream is very light and feels nourishing on skin. It is see-through (not the typical white zinc paste) so you can use it on your face too - and as a mum it is nice to see it is suitable for sensitive baby skin too, should I want to share it.

Rose water by Alteya Organic smells deliciously just like rose, and is such a lovely smell to use in skincare. Rose water has mild astringent properties, so I find it is good to use as a toner, helping keeping pores and skin clear. You can also spritz it on your face to refreshen the skin, anytime during the day.

I also tested Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay anti-aging oil,  a fast-absorbant and odourless oil, which felt pleasantly moisturising and softening on my skin, and Glossworks nail polish, a gel-like nail polish without any of the usual harsh chemicals found on most conventional nail polishes. 

Home comforts

After a full-on family day just relaxing and resting is essential. I love soft comfy pyjamas, and a warm pair of socks to sleep in. My favourite pyjamas come from Hush - soft brushed cotton, comfortable and durable. For socks to chill in, cashmere socks are luxuriously soft, and a perfect little something for Santa's sack.

And another lovely upgrade to the common slippers - buy sheepskin slippers! They are the warmest and softest thing ever, and last much much longer than the more cheaper slippers. My personal favourites are Shepherd of Sweden slippers, which are fluffy and very long-lasting. I've recently also seen Sainsbury's do very affordable versions, and they looked like good quality too!

lavender bath products

For a restful sleep, think of different lavender based products. L'Occitane for example does lovely gift-sets that will help you drift off to sleep - their pillow mist is wonderful for shut-eye too!

Christmas gift ideas for mums - pampering, home comforts, consumables and subscription services, all little things to bring joy into mums lives.

What have you bought for the mums in your lives?

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