What we got for Christmas from Wicked Uncle

When the gift-buying website Wicked Uncle got in touch and asked if I wanted to test their service, I was pretty much like... "Dah!". Well of course I would! I get to shop for toys and write about it, what's not to like about that? 

So off I went to get a couple of Christmas gifts for my girls with a voucher they sent me. I've never actually tried one of these gift-buying websites before so it was all new to me.

wicked uncle website

Wicked Uncle is a website that specialises on toys for kids and tests many of the toys themselves, with the help of actual kids. I found that having that pre-selected number of toys to look through made it a lot easier to find and choose something fun for the kids. There was a good variety of different types of toys, and you could definitely find something for even the pickiest kid. 

I liked that you could search through the selection of toys depending on gender, age, and even categories such as adventure or creativity. As I think toys are just toys, it was nice to see that the toy selection wasn't drastically different for boys or girls. Both girls and boys got suggestions for tech, science and arty gifts, so there was none of the usual annoying gender stereotypes being promoted. Girls seemed to have more of unicorns, and boys dinosaurs, but otherwise suggestions lacked gender stereotypes.

laptop with wicked uncle website

I decided to get one gift for my baby girl and one for my five year old daughter. The toy selection for babies was a lot smaller than for older children, but I managed to find a beautiful Hape musical toy which I am very happy with. For my older child there was a lot of choice and it was a bit difficult to choose something as everything looked like a lot of fun! In the end I chose a board game so we could all have some fun family nights. The game looked perfect for my bunny-obsessed daughter and I am sure she will love it.

wicked uncle baby page

We got the gifts within 48 hours which was good. Mind you, you do have to pay for the delivery regardless of how much you order, so it is good that the delivery is guaranteed to be quick. There was no paperwork in the delivery, so it would work perfectly if you wanted to send the gift directly to the recipient. You can include a free gift message within the box, and for an additional sum you can also have a hand-written greeting card and gift wrap. There was also a pre-written thank you card in the box which I thought was clever as you always have to badger kids to write a thank you note!


All in all, I thought Wicked Uncle worked well and was happy with the service. I could definitely see myself to be a wicked aunty in the future, especially when I need to order something quickly and with minimal hassle!

Have you ever used Wicked Uncle yourself?

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