Reviewing My Christmas Orchestral Adventure at Royal Albert Hall!

London is magical at Christmas, and Royal Albert Hall must be one of the most festive venues to visit! We have previously been there for Santa's Grotto, and this Christmas we are for the first time viewing the My Christmas Orchestral Adventure - an annual Christmas concert suitable for families with young kid, presented by a full symphony orchestra.  It sounds pretty exciting and I am looking forward to previewing and reviewing the event.

royal albert hall front with family standing in front

My Christmas Orchestral Adventure is a story of Father Christmas losing his way and it is told through musical means. There are plenty of funny moments, and a full symphony orchestra is used to demonstrate musically things such as ice-skating, riding in a sleigh and even snow fall. 

The conductor will lead the way and engages with the audience. In the years past they have always had a volunteer child help the conductor, as well as demonstrate how conductors direct the orchestra - but not sure if it is possible with the corona-restrictions this year. 

I love the look of this for not just for the fun element, but also for the musical education and enthusiasm this is bound to generate in kids. Because what better way to learn about classical music and the world of music than having an adventure within!

Royal Albert Hall also has lots of other musical and theatrical events at Christmas, which look inviting - Nutcracker for example is one Christmas tradition worth checking out...

Have you been to Royal Albert Hall yet?


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