24 hours with a newborn baby

When my baby was 9 days old, still a newborn, I decided to write down in detail everything that happened during that one day. A sort of a "Day in the life of a newborn" -type of a list. This piece of paper is now in her baby book, and I thought I'd share it here too.

12:00 She is put to her carry cot around 11:30, sleeping soundly after some milk. Mum and dad have showers and do some chores.
14:00 Midwife comes for a home visit and weighs the baby. She has lost a little weight. The baby wakes up, nappy change and a feed, and her dry skin is rubbed with a bit of olive oil.
15:00 Nappy change. Pees over daddy. After dealing with the situation and daddy finding a new shirt pictures of the baby taken.

15:20 Looks tired and is put to the carry cot for a nap.
15:30 Cries. Daddy rocks her in a Tiger in a Tree pose and she falls asleep. Put back in to the carry cot.

15:35 Wakes up and cries, cuddles with daddy, and she falls asleep again.
15:45 Asleep, put in to car seat and the whole family drives to see great-grandfather.
18:00 Try to wake the baby up for a feed, unsuccessfully.
18:05 She wakes up for a feed.
18:25 Nappy change, after which cuddles with great-grandfather. She falls asleep in his arms and we go to the supermarket to get some food.

20:30 Get back home, she is a sleep but farts very loudly.
21:05 Nappy change - it was not just a fart. Daddy gets the bottle ready and she is fed.
21:40 Another nappy change after which she falls asleep. She is put in her cot and mum and dad have their dinner.
23:30 Baby crying a little, dummy given.
23:50 Dummy fell out, more crying.
00:20 She wakes up, is fed, plays with the bottle and eats a bit too much too fast, and pukes. Very sleepy, with eyes closing and opening, and is rocked to sleep. Few more pictures taken.

01:10 Nappy change, changed into a new sleepsuit. Put into her cot to sleep.
01:50 Parents go to sleep.
04:50 Mummy wakes up to baby crying and screaming, feeds her, and she falls asleep.
05:45 Mummy changes the nappy (big mistake!) and she wakes up. Trying to rock her to sleep doesn't work. 
06:10 Baby put into her cot and she keeps on crying. A bit more milk, dummy and classical music help her to calm down.
06:30 Crying, daddy picks up the dummy that fell out and gives it back to her.
09:05 Baby wakes up, demands food. Nappy changed and fed.
09:40 Another nappy change. Pooplosion! (Poop + explosion = pooplosion). Outfit change, meaning baby properly wakes up.

10:00 More pictures taken of the baby. She spends some time chilling in the carry cot while parents do some chores.
10:15 Still awake. Crying, mummy tries the Tiger in Tree pose but it fails to work. Baby not impressed.
10:20 Daddy gives her cuddles, tries Tiger in Tree pose and plays with the baby - looking in the mirror, pretending to be an aeroplane. Baby stops crying and looks very confused.
10:30 Crying again. Dummy helps, but she stays awake.
11:40 Nappy change by daddy, mummy in the shower. Baby still wide awake.
11:55 More crying, seems to be hungry so is fed.

So that was 24 hours with a newborn. It included ten nappy changes, nine feeding sessions, two outfit changes, two sessions of photography, one play time session, and countless of kisses and cuddles. Busy day!

This day happened about 15 months ago, but it was lovely going back to it, and remembering how bewildering it was, being a new mum and just looking at your beautiful little one, thinking what is it that you need...

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  1. Awww this is such a great post, oh how busy/exhausting/amazing/cuddly those newborn days are :)

    1. They were - and they whizzed past so fast in that sleep-deprived state... It was nice getting back to these memories now that my lil one is already 15months old :)

  2. This is really lovely! Those newborn days were hard, but also so wonderful. Love the photos too.

    1. Thanks :) The photos were all from the same day as well so they sort of follow the story of the day :)

  3. Cripes, I'd forgotten all of this - there's no wonder I got very little done, and during any naps I'd be sat down because he would sleep anywhere else but on me!

    Loving the tree pose! #TheList xxx

    1. I remember just being oh so very tired... Sleepless nights one after another. At the same time it was just magical :) the tree pose is excellent for colicky babies!

  4. Lovely post! Brought a lot of it back - except my baby would rarely sleep anywhere but our arms so I was a bit 'oooh - luxury!' at you both having showers and dinner!! They are so intense at that age, but so amazing too :) #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thank you :) Hah yeah she wasn't too bad actually, some babies are much more difficult. It is such an amazing time, you don't really realise at the time, because you are just so tired... :) Sounds like you definitely had your hands full!

  5. Aw this is such a cute post! My little girl (she's 5mo) hardly slept at all. We tried a moses basket, crib, cot, pram, car seat, everything! The only place she'd sleep was either in my arms or on my chest. If she fell asleep in my arms and I put her down, she'd wake up rght away. She's still the same now and will only sleep in bed with me. At least she sleeps though! Bables are crazy! Lovely post and gorgeous pictures! x #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thank you :) And you poor thing, sounds like it was pretty challenging! I hope she will be able to get to sleep on her own at some point and give you a bit of a rest :) It can be nice to co-sleep though, lovely waking up cuddling your baby :)

  6. Lol with a 15 day old baby this is basically my life... Though with the routine and chaos of a 21/2 yr old thrown into the mix too :) good idea to write it all down, feels a little depressing right now but lively to look back on later! Xx #brilliantblogposts

    1. Oh wow you have such a little one :) Congratulations :) It is nice to look back on these times later, you forget so quickly. It was nice to have it written down, because you just are so tired you tend to forget the little details otherwise.

  7. This sounds pretty much like my life at the moment! What beautiful photos :) x x

    1. Thank you :) It is such a hectic time, but also, especially in hindsight, such a special, beautiful time, living in your own little bubble of love :)

  8. Gorgeous memories and now I'm broody! Hhaha! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts


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