Old Rauma: Unesco World Heritage site in Finland

On our last summer holiday in Finland we popped in by a really beautiful place - Old Rauma. This area is part of Unesco World Heritage sites. Apparently it is the largest collection of old wooden architecture in Scandinavia - there are hundreds of these pastel-coloured beauties lining the cobbled streets. I took loads of pictures on the sunny summer day we spent there, so here are a few!

hanging basket of flowers

pastel coloured buildings in old rauma

the main street in old rauma

mum with daughter in old rauma

It was such a sunny day! Blue skies, sunshine and a warm summer day. It was lovely. 

I once heard that in Chinese tourists do these tours around Europe where they go from one Unesco World Heritage site to another, and in UK they do a massive coach tour from Bath to Stonehenge to the London sites. I haven't seen too many of these heritage sites, but I should go out and explore the ones near us someday. They are quite magnificent really. I've seen Stonehenge about 15 years ago, and I have been to Bath, but never actually seen the Roman remains. In London I've seen the Tower, but still, after living here for eight years I still haven't been in Westminster Abbey or Kew Gardens.

the town buildings in old rauma

a boutique in old rauma

paintings in a window in old rauma

flowers in old rauma streets

We popped by a cute little cafe, and had some hedgehog cakes - they were so cute!

mum and daughter in a cafe

a hedgehog mini cake

old rauma church

old rauma central market place

My parent summer house is quite near to this place so we might go there again someday. I hope we will.

A photo tour of Old Rauma - a Unesco World Heritage site in Finland. A beautiful sunny summer day in Old Rauma - lots of pictures of what you can find there.

Old Rauma really is quite a pretty old town, don't you think?

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