Back to the normal state of things, finally

Oh gosh. The past two weeks have been quite hard in this household. The tummy bug that seems to be doing its rounds across London finally hit our little family. First it was my husband. Luckily my mother-in-law was able to take our lil one off his hands so I was able to get to work. And work I had to, as there was a major deadline looming. Then my husband got better. The next night I woke up to strange sounds coming from the baby bedroom 4AM. Cue change of pajamas, change of sheets, transfer the baby to sleep in our bed, and then a change of our sheets too. 

She got soon better and after a weekend of us all just recuperating in front of the telly and trying to recover from the previous week I thought I had managed to avoid the dreaded tummy bug, thanking my lucky stars. Well, unfortunately I wasn't that lucky after all and had to spend two days at home feeling sorry for myself (and feeling increasingly stressed about not being at work).

After these two weeks it just seems everything has been a mess in our household. The fridge was full of food going to waste, the laundry basket overflowing, the house in a right state... Being incredibly busy at work and having to work late, it just all seemed never-ending. This weekend we finally got to sorting it all out and getting back to ordinary life. Washing laundry, cooking, cleaning, going out, all the normal things. We even went to IKEA to get a few bits and bobs and to eat cinnamon buns. 

This Sunday it was such a nice day, and all of us finally feeling normal, and the house looking well, not that neat, but at least not in a state of chaos, we went for an evening picnic. I had made some mini-pizzas and a chicken-vegetable pie, and we ate those, still warm in the crisp cool autumn air, and had some IKEA cinnamon buns with hot chocolate and marshmallows. While the little one was running around, and us trying to catch her, and trying to eat the food while it was still sort of lukewarm, it was just such a nice little ordinary moment. And it felt good being back to the normal life after two weeks of everything but. 

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  1. Oh dear, sounds like you have had a rough time of it the last couple of weeks- it's horrible when they and you are poorly isn't it? Glad you are all better and getting back to ordinary life now. x

    1. Thanks, it is much better now that we are all better, no deadlines and less stress :) These times really make you value your health!


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