Choosing a New Years resolution - my 'word' for 2016

In terms of New Years resolutions I've promised all sorts of things. Had I managed to complete them all, I would now be a marathon-running polyglot with an enviable figure and a fabulous wardrobe. Suffice to say, I'm not, ha ha.

What really resonated with me last year was the idea of choosing a word, or a theme, to your year. Rather than a resolution to do or not to do something, it is a word that is supposed to set the mood and the guidance for your year. It makes intuitive sense - rather than doing something you live with some sort of an ideal in mind. Using that word to guide you along the way.

I am not sure if the word I chose last year really made much of a difference. Much of the things I wanted to do were left wayside once we bought the house and just got swamped with everything. I did do some things with 'well-being' in mind, and some things I just abandoned as they were too time consuming.

This year however we are not planning on anything quite as stressful as a house purchase and renovation so maybe I have better luck!

This year the word I have chosen will reflect on what I need in my life.


Space to be, to think, to develop. Space in the physical sense, and space in the mental sense.

To find the physical space and the mental space there are some things I need to do. I once read that all those little things you keep putting off, little things like fixing that skirt or mailing that letter, just keep niggling at the back of your mind, sort of mental clutter. Similar to actual physical clutter this distracts you from what is important. This year I will finish all those unfinished businesses, one way or another. And do some much needed decluttering, to liberate that space both physically and mentally. That will help me to find time and space for the more important things in life.

(Well, declutter what we can - as we want more kids we won't be taking all those baby clothes or toys to charity yet!)

Have you made New Years resolutions or got a New Years 'word'?


  1. What a great idea to choose a word instead of actual resolutions, I love that!! xx

    1. It does feel like a bit more rounded way of doing it - and seems to be really popular amongst bloggers at the moment!

  2. 'Space' is a good goal to aim for. We have too much of a tendency in our busy modern lives to cram too much in and then wonder why we're not getting everything done. Creating space gives us half a chance of getting things done, and I find that setting aside a little space every now and then helps me be more creative and focus better.

    1. I find that too - there seems to be always something to do and something to achieve, and then you end up not achieving half of what you set out to do. I think space is also important for you to really get to think and consider your life and what you are doing too but it does sometimes feel like space to think is in short supply!


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