My 2015 - Part 2 (Jul - Dec)

I had a nice time last year. 2015, it was a good year. We bought a house, traveled, renovated, and lots and lots more. In the first half of the year we went to Lapland, completed on our house purchase, and celebrated my daughters second birthday. Here is the second half of my 2015 and some of my favourite pictures from the months July to December. 

July: After we returned from our holiday in Finland, we did quite a few weekend trips around London. I went to a children's clothing trade exhibition, which was fascinating, and we finally visited Coram's Fields, a fabulous children's park in Central London. We celebrated our fourth anniversary, and I was wondering what a big big girl my little girl was becoming. The chats we had with my little one were getting bigger and better, day by day.

August: My blog had it's first birthday - or you could also call it a blogiversary! The first toddlerdom-signs were appearing in our little girl... I remember August mostly for being outside a lot -it was warm and weather was glorious, and I spent ages picking blackberries from our local park, and making all sorts of blackberry concoctions like crumble. Renovating our house was also at full swing.

September: During this blog I've shared lots of toddler outfit posts - the posts usually consist of pretty outfit pictures and musings of a totally different nature, or only tangentially connected with clothing, as I find it is a bit more interesting. It is nice to look back at the posts and the pictures and see how Aili has developed over the year - and in September I did a compilation post of all the gorgeous little outfit pictures I've taken of her during the year. Other than that, we did plenty of puddle jumping, and were almost finished with most of the renovations. Since we travel a fair bit and have plenty of experience of flying, I wrote a few tips on what to pack for long boring journeys for toddlers.

October: October was very very very busy. We finished most of the renovations, moved in, and started decorating. And cleaning. And that feels like it was pretty much it. I was a bit wayward with the blog and didn't have much time for anything.

November: In November I started to share a few finished rooms in our house - like our toddler bedroom. I also shared the cutest ever toddler Halloween costume - inspired by Star Wars. We went to places like London Zoo and the Tower Bridge Exhibition, both wonderful places to take toddlers to. I was so excited about Christmas - and this year I also prepared a Christmas book advent calendar. It went so well I will do one again next year!

December: We love reading in our house, and I shared a few tips on how we have managed to grow that love of reading in our daughter as well. December was all about Christmas, Christmas, Christmas and we did lots of fun Christmas activities. We brought out our traditional Scandinavian Christmas home decor, went to Harrods to meet Santa (unfortunately it didn't end too well), did Christmas card crafts and we hosted Christmas in our new home. It was lovely. We started potty-training and it went surprisingly well.

And that was it for my year 2015. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but a great one!

How was your year?


  1. What a lovely post looking back over the second half of 2015 and so many beautiful photos - I especially liked the ones of Aili on the rocker at the park and with the penguins at London Zoo. It's somewhere I've never been too and really should add to the list as we're not that far away from London. The photo of Aili eating a gingerbread reindeer is also very cute too. Sounds like you've had a good year with lots of happy moments. Glad to hear that the potty training went well too! Hope 2016 will be a good year for you all too :-)

    1. Oh you should definitely go there sometime - it was really wonderful and we enjoyed it so much that we are planning on going again before next summer. This year was a lovely one, albeit a bit hectic - I am hoping 2016 will be as good but a bit quieter :D Thanks for the lovely comment :)


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