My Monthly Roundup - Instagram February 2016

I have to say, I honestly can't remember much of what I have done in February.  I don't think I have been doing an awful a lot of things, other than going to work, seeing some friends and suffering from recurring colds. And oh yes, watching a lot of Bridge, the Swedish/Danish crime series on Netflix, which is seriously awesome and I'd highly recommend you have a look! It is just brilliant and has entertained me during many February evenings. 

Here are some of my Instagram pictures - although they aren't quite that instant as I have shared a fair few old ones this month. You hear sometimes people grumbling about people posting highly stylised and perfect shots on IG, how it is somehow fake or goes against the idea of the platform. And I do get it, it is in the name isn't it. At the same time I personally enjoy the more stylised feeds with pretty pictures, clever edits, and think I would rather post just the best pictures up there. Not the blurry ones, not the random ones, even if they are in the moment. I rather see the innovative angles and beautiful subject matters. 

What do you think? Should Instagram be instant or just the most beautiful imagery? Anyway, here is my Instagram February!

1.YAWN - this is about as enthusiastic as I am when going to work every morning. Ha ha. OK, I do actually have an interesting job with a lot of great things about it, but I am starting to think I am being paid way too little and it is starting to affect my motivation.
2. This could be one of those hashtagged to be from the cutting room floor, but I quite like it. We are happy, smiling, and even if it not a perfectly posed shot, who cares.
3. Higher higher she shouts - not a bad advice for all walks of life!
4. Daddy and daughter - I do love catching then off guard, just little glimpses of their relationship together.
5. Yup, it's a Christmas jumper. And she still wears it. And why not? It is cute and you might as well get good wear our of it as next Christmas it will be too small!
6. Our little Cupid. Who was impossible to take a photo of as she kept on jumping around saying she is a little bunny.
7. What is it with kids and clothes? Off they come, several times a day...
8. Making friends in Lapland! An old picture from our trip to Levi last year, and I finally wrote about all the fun things you can do in Lapland.
9. There are some beautiful areas near London - this is from our walks around Lee Valley. 
10. No matter how big she gets, she will always be my little baby with a place right there next to my heart. 
11. Sticks, stones and pine cones - endless fun when you are a toddler!
12. I bought plane tickets and will be spending a good part of April in this scenery - can't wait! I wrote down a little memory from my last summer visit there, and hope to make some new lovely memories this time.
13. It is always a struggle to leave the park, so we have to make it fun. Like riding on daddy's shoulders. 
14. And a little leap for joy - for the very special year this was! 

Do you guys have Instagram accounts? And how was your February? Come say hi to me on Instagram!

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  1. Personally, I like looking at the pretty, styled photos, but my account is the exact opposite of that! Something I need to work on. I love the pic of your daughter in the red jumper :) Thanks for hosting #mymonthlyroundup

    1. Ha ha mine is pretty stylised now - it is probably as I have been lacking everyday pics as I have been either insanely busy or then just sick, so haven't used my phone camera much. Will have to make a bit more of an effort :) Thanks for linking!

  2. Happy March! Gorgeous photos as always. Personally I think IG should be instant everyday pics. That said, the pretty styled photos are lovely to look at. Thanks for hosting x

    1. Yeah I have been pondering that a bit - I love the stylised pretty images, and blurry images really wind me up. My camera phone isn't great though (iPhone 4) so a lot of the more instant pics end up blurry. I do publish them if they are good enough, but rarely meet my internal quality control ha ha :D Thanks for linking!


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