Our little zookeeper with Zookeeper Zoe

Blogging is fun. Alongside the late nights and early mornings of typing and editing, you occasionally get to review beautiful items, even gift them to your readers, and you get invited to do fun stuff. There are exciting opportunities, invites to great parties, something a bit out of the ordinary. Not all the time of course, but every once in a while.

To be honest, I rarely get to do this other side of blogging as quite frankly, normal life and my 9 to 5 office job get in the way...But quite recently I did get to go out on a blogging-related activity, learn about a fab new book and most importantly have some fun!

We were invited to the launch of Zookeeper Zoe, a free children's book by Boots Opticians. It is a cute story about a little girl who loves animals, and wants to be a zookeeper. The clever thing about the book was that it includes four different eye tests, which help you to determine whether your child might have eye issues and whether or not you should book a trip to opticians sharpish. You can get the book from Boots, or read it online too

I really loved the idea of the book because of my background. When I was a kid, I had pretty bad eyes. Without glasses I was practically blind - I had to remember where I placed my glasses at night time, or be prepared to feel around for them a loooooong time... It took a long time for me to be diagnosed as a kid, and I remember being in school and not being able to participate in class as I couldn't see the teacher's writing. I can't help but to think that had there been a book like this, my diagnosis would have happened a lot sooner. I have since had laser surgery, but as I had bad eyes and my husband wears glasses, I have been trying to keep an eye out for any signs of bad sight in my daughter. And I think a book like Zookeeper Zoe will help when she is at an appropriate age (the book is designed especially for children aged 4-6).

at book launch zookeeper zoe eye check storybook from boots

at book launch zookeeper zoe eye check storybook from boots

At the launch we got to do lots of fun, zoo-related activities. We got to do a bit of drawing and crafts, and my little monkey managed poke her brand new shirt with a permanent marker... After that mishap we got to dance and jump around with the other monkeys kids, do the conga, and eat cupcakes. My little baboon then got a beautiful parrot painted on her arm she would not stop talking about. She thoroughly enjoyed having fun with all the other kids and experiencing it all.

The most special activity of all though were the animal encounters, with creepy crawlies, parrot, snakes and a lemur. My daughter fed the lemur a few times while I was proudly beaming at her joy and miserably failing to take anything other than blurry pictures of those two. I also got to feed the lemur (yes, big kid over here, I may have pushed a few toddlers aside to meet and feed the lemur myself... ha ha) and I pet a snake too. I was trying to encourage my daughter to come and meet the snake by petting it, but she told me she was scared and hid behind my back. Little did I know she even knew to be afraid of snakes!

reading zookeeper zoe eye check storybook from boots

reading zookeeper zoe eye check storybook from boots

And once we got back home, gosh was she knackered, and just loving her new bedtime reading. Which we have since read several times, as she loves the story. 

I had a great time at this event where we got to experience lots of fun zookeeper activities. Being a blogger does take you to strange places sometimes - like to a kids book launch downing bubbly alongside some celebrities. Unlike them, we thankfully didn't end up on Daily Mail though!

What do you think of the book idea? Didn't the event sounds like good fun?

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  1. This looks amazing! What a fab book and event :) My twins would also love this, thanks for sharing xx

    1. It was really good fun :) And I really liked the book as well - they are free and you can find them in Boots, have a look if they have any copies next time you pop by :)


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