What is the new jellyfish exhibition at London Aquarium like?

I've been to the London Aquarium a few times now. Recently we were invited by 365 Tickets to experience the new London Aquarium exhibition - Ocean Invaders, the brand new jellyfish area that opened this spring 2017. 

I've really enjoyed visiting the aquarium in the past. Walking around the huge shark tank, being able to see manta rays being fed, petting a starfish, checking out the numerous little fish, everything. There's even a crocodile and penguins. Now there is a new section to the London Aquarium, wholly dedicated to jellyfish.

ocean invaders jellyfish exhibition entrance

dad and daughter watching jellyfish

girl standing at ocean invaders jellyfish exhibition london aquarium

girl watching jellyfish

blue coloured jellyfish swimming

The new jellyfish exhibition at London Aquarium - Ocean Invaders! A review of the new jellyfish exhibition in SEA LIFE London Aquarium. Opened in April 2017. Click to read a detailed description of what you can find and plenty of stunning pictures of the jellyfish.

The Ocean Invaders section is quite funky. You can learn about the jellyfish, facts such as that there are over 2,000 species of jellyfish, of which only 70 are dangerous to humans. 97% of jellyfish is water, and they have no hearts, no blood, no brain, and no gills. They range from tiny pinprick sized to ones that are bigger than humans. Scientists believe that jellyfish have been floating around Earth's seas for 500 millions years now. To put that into context, they've been out there well before the first amphibians crawled to investigate what land had to offer them. 

At the exhibition you could try out what a jellyfish sting feels like. As I've been stung by jellyfish a few times when out diving I didn't try it there as I already know from experience it is quite unpleasant! Not huge amounts of pain but certainly stings you a bit.

ocean invaders jellyfish exhibition changing lights

dad and daughter watching jellyfish

Watching the jellyfish floating around is really quite mesmerising. I could have spent a long time just watching them there - there is something very graceful in the jellyfish when they move through the water, with their tentacles gently swaying behind them. The look of amazement on my daughter's face was great to see. The jellyfish were illuminated in the exhibition, in some sections with changing colours making it quite fun to watch. In some sections you could even change the colours yourself - my daughter, quite naturally, chose pink for them.

one jellyfish swimming upside down

two girls taking pictures of jellyfish at london aquarium ocean invaders jellyfish exhibition

girl watching jellyfish

jellyfish wall at london aquarium ocean invaders jellyfish exhibition

a photograph through the see-through jellyfish wall at london aquarium

mum and daughter watching jellyfish

mum pointing at jellyfish

jellyfish wall at ocean invaders jellyfish exhibition london aquarium

So should you go and see the new Ocean Invaders jellyfish exhibition? 

Even if you have been to the aquarium before, the new jellyfish exhibition is quite something and in my opinion, worth the visit. I would recommend spending a good amount of time there. We had a manic four year old with us, so we couldn't read much about the jellyfish as we were just running after her... That said, the jellyfish were stunning and it was great to admire them, even if at great speeds at times. 

The exhibition was surprisingly big as there were lots and lots of different species, making it even more interesting. I had no idea there were so many different ones out there! So yes. Go and see it, and come back to tell me what you thought of it! Or if you can't, watch my video and let me know what you think of it.

Jellyfish at London Aquarium, UK. Review of the Ocean Invaders, the new jellyfish exhibition in SEA LIFE London Aquarium. What is it  really like? Detailed description and lots of pictures and video.

Have you been to the London Aquarium before?


  1. Looks pretty cool! We love going to aquariums. Haven't been to this one yet though. #citytripping

  2. Jellyfish are so cool! We went to the London Aquarium back in February and I think we just missed this awesome exhibit! #citytripping

  3. They are quite mesmerising aren't they - I only had a quick look at this during an event but the way they've done it is great and we learned some fascinating facts too. I hadn't realised you could test being stung! Thank you for linking up with #citytripping

  4. Jellyfish are always some of my favorites -- they move gracefully and come in a variety of colors. Last week at the San Francisco aquarium I saw some that looked like they had tiny white pearls on them. Your photos are great!

  5. Very cool. The London Aquarium was a bit of a surprise packet for me. We really enjoyed it so it might be time for a revisit to see the jellyfish! Thanks for joining #FarawayFiles

  6. There are jellyfish stings and there are jellyfish stings. I don't think I would like to try out the sting thing. We once spent five hours in Broome hospital after our son was stung by a particularly nasty species in Western Australia. That said, jellyfish have to be one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet.

  7. This. is. amazing! I saw Jellyfish at the Boston Aquarium a couple of months back but they were tiny little things. This would be awesome to see!


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