What have we been up to June 2017?

At the end of the month I always try and do a stock take of what actually happened that month. The first thoughts that seem to come to my mind are "It was busy" and "I can't remember". It is always the same thing, every month. But of course, we did do some fun things and I do remember some bits and bobs and we did get our family portrait done too. 

Our family portrait this month is from the beginning of the month, not many days after we took May's family portrait... We had just hosted nine little four year old guests at ours for an Elsa birthday so we were pretty knackered and dreading the clean-up. I was dressed as Anna (coronation one) and Aili was dressed as the travelling Anna, and I had tried to get hubby to get an Olaf onesie for the party... But as you can see from the picture that didn't happen. Apparently June is too hot a month to be wearing a onesie! (Granted, it was quite warm that day...)

mum dad and daughter family picture

Other than that we have been planning our summer a bit. Camping is one thing we are planning on doing now. My passport is out of date and we went and bought ourselves a tent! 

We've also been stressing a bit over our daughter's future class allocation. She has been placed in a separate class to her best friend, and we have discussed with the teachers why this has happened. And while there are some things they have said that makes me understand their point of view it is still sad. Apparently the girls sometimes can exclude others from play and be a bit mean to others when together, and they chat rather than concentrate on classes. It's a difficult situation. What would you do?

Anyway, as ever, there are so many things happening in one month I figured I'll do a quick list of the things we have loved this month, rather than outline everything that has happened... 

wave to mummy family picture june 2017

This June I have loved:

  • coming up with Elsa birthday ideas, such as an Elsa cake, fake snow, decorations, snowflake biscuits and so on... 
  • planning our camping trips, purchasing a tent, pinning lots of family camping ideas on my Pinterest... generally getting enthusiastic about camping which I thought would never be me!
  • being a giveaway winner! I rarely win anything, and usually it is something quite small, but this month I bagged us a really expensive outdoor projector I'm excited to take with us to camping. And set in our garden. Or watch films back home... 
  • learning about Pinterest and really getting into it - I have done a mini-course on Pinterest and how to use it properly as a blogger.  
  • watching Luther - I am so into this programme. Thanks Netflix - always something amazing to watch!

Aili has loved: 

  • drawing, drawing, and drawing, everyday. We have bought a ream of paper and much of it has been spent already! There are lots of princesses being drawn, and Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel.
  • princesses. Her school nursery teachers say that you can get Aili interested in ANYTHING as long as it includes princesses in it. 
  • making fake snow with her daddy for the birthday party. And playing with it of course. 
  • her birthday party of course! And the Elsa cake - that drew so many gasps.
  • painting her nails with bright pink, and generally being a very girly girl. 
  • wearing dresses to school, and dresses everyday. If she could choose, she would wear a dress EVERY day. 

Hubby has loved:
  • going to the gym and working hard on HIIT type of stuff.
  • getting more graphic design freelance work.
  • going to the beach with Aili.
  • checking out tent specifications and planning which tent to buy. 
  • "seeing your grumpy face when you realise the dinner is going to be something healthy and nutritious!" (I'm more of a chicken and chips kind of a girl, and husband has decided we are now a kale-and-brown-rice eating family to go alongside his gym obsession...)

mum and daughter dressed as frozen Anna

How did your June go?

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  1. Love that you dressed up this is so cute! and I agree I am always sitting down to write and thinking oh what did we do!

  2. Oh that final photo of you and Aili is so cute and I love the fact that you both dressed as Anna for her birthday party. Lovely family photos. Sorry to hear that Aili isn't in the same class as her best friend though - that must be a little hard but I am sure she will adjust well to it x #meandmineproject


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