Triple (not just double) denim: kids outfit of the day

When I first started my blog one of my favourite things to publish were my daughter's outfit posts. I loved selecting her nice combinations from her vast wardrobe. I think it is quite common isn't it, when as a mum your body is constantly changing and your own wardrobe is constantly in a state of flux. You know that at least the clothes you got for your kid will always fit and look nice, whatever the day is. 

But I haven't published any of these outfit posts of my daughter for ages now. I absolutely love looking back at them - not so much for the outfits, but because when I did these posts regularly, I always had some nice regular portraits of my daughter. Over the course of the year I could really see the change in her, as she grew and developed, as I had photographic evidence of it every couple of weeks.

Triple (not just double) denim: kids outfit of the day | Wave to Mummy

So I figured - it would be nice to try start doing a bit more of these again. Not every week of course - our weekends tend to be pretty hectic and I often forget to even take out my camera. And let's face it, trying to cajole a fournado into standing still long enough to capture a relatively non-blurry photograph ain't easy. I couldn't afford the weekly chocolate bills for one!

a denim outfit on a four year old girl

smiling four year old girl

four year old girl in a denim dress

kids flowery converse shoes

smiling four year old in a triple denim outfit
Dress Tu Clothing / Jeans H&M / Converse-type shoes SC & Co / Jacket Bluezoo 

These outfit post pictures were taken late April. We were going to a birthday party of her cousins, and I offered her a piece of chocolate if she would stop for a bit and smile for the camera. And she did, for a moment...

I wanted to take these outfit pictures because I loved her triple-denim outfit. I remember the time when double-denim was seen as pretty much the worse thing you could ever wear... But as time passes everything starts to look rosy again, and now it is one of those trendy things to do again. So we went one extra step, and made it into triple-denim! Jeans, denim jacket and a dip-dye denim dress she has worn for a long time already...

What do you guys think of double (or triple) denim?     


  1. What a lovely outfit, I love the dress! x

  2. Ahhh I know what you mean, I LOVED doing outfit posts when I first started blogging, I miss doing them for Tyler but all he wears now is his school uniform! You know, I didn't realise it was triple denim, the dress has lots of lovely shades. And your girly looks so cute! xx

  3. I feel the same about capturing memories through outfit shots. It's lovely to see them grow :) Loving the ombre effect dress and denim jacket combo! Thanks for linking up with us on #WMKWW lovey! x


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