The brightest pink shirt: kids outfit of the day

This little lady loves her skirts and dresses. There have been so many times I have tried to persuade her to wear trousers, because it has been cold, or because it would just look better, or be more practical, and after a all-mighty paddy, I have relented. Once again. For she is a dressy frilly glittery girly girl, who loves her pink and hates trousers, and will not wear them. And if it is necessary to wear trousers when the mood is not right, you will certainly hear of it. The only time I've had her go to school crying was during a cold rainy day, when she was forced to wear her uniform trousers instead of her uniform dress. 

The brightest pink shirt: kids outfit of the day

girl in bright pink Joules shirt in park

It has been quite interesting seeing her express more and more of her opinions on her outfits. We have a very different style, her and me. While I would rather dress her up in preppy and adult-like clothing (think a slightly trendier version of what Princess Charlotte might wear), she would rather go for the most neon brightest and sparkliest version she can find. Sometimes, quite honestly, it is a bit ghastly. And there is no turning her head. On days when practical measures have demanded it, there have been a few shouting matches, and a few temper tantrums, and attempted reasoning, usually futile... 

When I had my baby, I admit, I was pretty excited about being able to doll her up in all these cute, adorable outfits, dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, all kinds. I was picturing muted colours, lots of white, blue, some brown tweed, maybe a bit of sunshine yellow to pop the outfits. Knitted cardigans with fair isle prints. Tasteful flower motifs and embroidery. 

girl holding a leaf on her forehead

girl in a pink shirt in park with a leaf

Then, she grew up. And now it is on her terms only. So when I go shopping I try and pick the things I know she likes. I look at the cutesy little bows and trendy little jeans longingly and skip hop straight to the pink aisle and try and spot anything that has a bunny, a puppy, or perhaps Elsa or Anna on it. 

And of course, her outfit choices are pretty darn cute and I do love them even if it not quite to my taste, it's just not what I had pictured her wardrobe to be like. These baby pink shoes she picked herself from Clarks, because they have bunnies on them and as she put it at the store, "I love bunnies!". She matched them with her baby pink Little My socks because she likes Moomin too. The shirt-skirt combo is from Joules, one of her favourite outfits because well, it is bright pink, there is a flower, and even the skirt has some matching pink accents to it.  It is a cute outfit, even if her posing with a leaf on her forehead is a bit strange. She has taken to doing that recently - I believe it is meant to be some sort of a princess decoration...

girl in a pink shirt and blue skirt standing in a park

baby pink canvas shoes with bunnies on them

girl sitting on grass in park

girl holding a leaf on her forehead
Canvas shoes Clarks (Gracie Pip) / pink shirt by Joules / skirt Joules 

I do wonder how I will feel about her outfit choices in about ten years... Unfortunately I remember what I was like at that age. I went through some very strange style phases and I am sure my mother was shaking her head behind my back! 

What kind of outfits do your kids like?


  1. I love this outfit! Those shoes are gorgeous - and the top is a fab pink :)

    Thanks for linking up to #ALivelyStyle xx


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