What our family got up to in August 2017

August was a rather pleasant month for us. It's always really quiet at work in summer, especially August. As most people are on holidays, including the bosses, you get to concentrate on your own projects rather than the daily drudgery of urgent requests and firefighting. And because it was August we went on a holiday too - camping! We took these pictures after setting our first campfire in the evening - toasting the obligatory marshmallows too of course. 

family sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows

mum, dad and daughter sitting by campfire

This August I have loved: 
  • Going camping! We were blessed with sunshine and warm nights the whole week - perfect!
  • Our awesome new tent - big and comfy 6-man tent. 
  • Roasting marshmallows on a campfire. S'mores galore. I enjoyed roasting sausages and corn cobs too on the fire. Mmm, those smoky aromas...
  • Swimming in the sea and enjoying the salty air. One of my dream is one day to live on the beach but for now yearly camping trips will have to do. 
  • Brightly coloured beach huts and dreaming of owning one one day. 
  • Having an open-air cinematic experience sitting next to a campfire roasting marshmallows, with the new camping projector I won.
  • And on blogging front, interviewing Fearne Cotton for my blog - what an interesting experience!
This month my daughter Aili has loved: 
  • Being a superhero. She has been Poison Girl, whose powers are fire and who kills baddies. She has also been Bunny Superhero, listening for trouble with her great big ears and hopping to help.
  • Drawing - she can't get enough! Princesses are currently very very popular choice. 
  • Eating marshmallows off a stick but not toasted. 
  • Camping. Our girl absolutely loves camping and would be happy to stay in a tent forever. 
  • Going to the beach and building sandcastles and sitting on her inflatable giraffe - not so much swimming in the cold sea!

This month my husband has loved: 
  • Going camping - he's been camping since a three month old as he frequently likes to remind us, so camping is something he holds very dear to heart!
  • Swimming in the sea - we did a lot of this during our camping holiday. 
  • Going to rugby - he is going to his first ever match and a social with the club and very excited about it. 
  • Buying Wacken tickets! Cue next year I'll lose my husband for a few days of metalhead rampagery in Germany ha ha.

family roasting marshmallow on a fire

family sitting by the campfire at orchard campsite

family eating toasted marshmallows

So how was your August? What did you enjoy this past month?

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  1. Oh so fun we love a good campfire and summer time making memories. Lovely snaps. Happy September ahead. #meandmineproject

    1. Oh it was lovely - thank you for hosting :)


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