Our family visits lavender fields for the first time

A couple of years ago I spotted that summertime visits to lavender fields were a thing, especially if you are a blogger. Around late June my social media feeds would turn purple and flowery, with kids frolicking amongst lavender beds looking all serene and joyful. So naturally I wanted to drag my long-suffering husband and our most-definitely-not-serene fournado for a photo session to the nearest lavender fields to us. One hour drive away.

You can imagine how that conversation went, but suffice to say since I am here writing this post and sharing these pictures justice (or rather, me!) prevailed!

girl at lavender and wheat fields at hitchin

hitchin lavender wheat and lavender fields

dad and daughter at hitching lavender

dad and daughter smiling at lavender fields

beetle on a lavender flower

dad and daughter picking lavender

little girl cutting lavender

butterfly on a lavender flower bush

Some top tips for visiting lavender fields: Little girl holding a lavender bouquet

And to be honest, the trip was actually rather nice. We went to Hitchin Lavender Fields, which are the closest lavender fields to us in North London. It was gorgeously fragrant, and very very pretty and our daughter spent a long time speaking about how much she enjoyed picking lavender. My husband got quite into it too. At Hitchin you pay £5 per adult to get in and you get a paper bag and scissors and can take as much lavender as fits in the bag. We took loads… so much so that we made lavender bouquets as an end-of-year gifts for all 11 of nursery staff members, and we still had plenty to spare! We drank some lavender lemonade before retreating back home in a sleepy daze – the little one actually fell asleep in the car!

It was predictably busy over the weekend, and I had to try all my might to get those perfect shots of just our family in the picture. There was lots of cropping and strategic placing of heads in the frame, so the dreaded “other people” would be either cut out or blocked out. In the end I was rather pleased with what I got, considering how many people there actually were as you can see in some of these pictures…  

Picking lavender at Hitchin Lavender: some top tips

Picking lavender at Hitchin Lavender: some top tips

mum and daughter picking lavender at hitchin lavender

lavender field rows

mum and daughter picking lavender

mum and daughter at hitchin lavender, smiling

little girl standing on a lavender field

little girl walking on a lavender field

smiling little girl on a lavender field

If you are planning on visiting lavender fields yourself I would say be prepared. The bushes can be scratchy and there are lots of bees. Long trousers or jeans are likely to be most comfortable. There are lots and lots of bees, and the amount of them came as a bit of a surprise for me. Husband got stung once, but generally speaking they are quite OK if you just gently push past them. The photography can be gorgeous, but as everyone and their uncle loves lavender fields, you best get there either very very early or very very late for best photographic opportunities. Lunchtime is when the hordes descent.

It is nice just to walk amongst the flowers and breathe in the smell, but if you are allowed to pick them, go for the ones with fully formed buds which haven’t yet opened – those are the most fragrant. It takes about a week for them to dry after which you can use them in a variety of different crafts. Our lavender buds have now dried but we haven’t yet done anything with them. Would you have any ideas what to do with them?

mum dad and daughter smiling family portrait at lavender fields

Have you visited lavender fields yourself? What did you think?


  1. I would love to do this, I'm very jealous. I adore lavender, one of my very favourite scents. Your photos are gorgeous and I feel your pain trying to get photos with out others in them! #countrykids

  2. Upeita kuvia, häikäisevät värit! ♥ Laittaisin ite ihan vaan vaikka tauluksi seinälle nuo kuivakukat.

  3. We'd love to dry out lavender and hang it in our fireplace. We've yet to visit our local lavender fields and they have specific opening days which are too busy. The other fields are nearly two hours away...so maybe a trip for next year now. You did a great job with the photos! Looks empty! #CountryKids x

  4. That looks beautiful and the smell must be amazing :) #countrykids

  5. We have a lavender farm near us, which is one of my favourite places to meet up with friends. Love walking round the fields. We make lavender wands for drawers with ours before they dry out, otherwise we cook or dry it for scented gifts. Your photos are beautiful. #CountryKids

  6. It's great you got your way and you managed to visit the lavender fields, it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Exploring the fields of purple must have been a great experience for the three of you, I love the idea of making the leavers presents from the hand picked lavender, so sweet. Are you going to win out and be able to visit again next year though?

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  7. Gorgeous photos! I would love to visit some lavender fields, I think the nearest near me is a few hours away so a bit of a drive for nice photos. I bet it smelt fabulous. Could you make lavender bags for your drawers and wardrobes? not the most exciting suggestion! #CountryKids

  8. I love your lavender field photos. I know social media gets flooded with them but honestly I absolutely love them. The colours are fantastic. Definitely worth the trip for those pics. Our visit to Cotswold Lavender ha become an annual tradition that I REALLY look forward to.

  9. Lavender play dough? I'd love to visit a lavender field but hadn't thought of the bees! You've done a great job with the photos in a busy place.

  10. I've also noticed the "thing" for lavender. We have a few farms near us, but most of them don't seem to encourage running through the lavender for photos, sadly! You got some lovely pictures #countrykids

  11. Fabulous photos and a great idea to make end of year teacher gifts from the lavender. Mich x #CountryKids

  12. You've taken some fantastic photos here that I'm certain you will treasure forever. I'm sure the smell was divine. Sad to hear of a bee losing it's sting. I think they die soon after! Have you tried lavender icecream or for scenting drawers and drifting off to sleep. #CountryKids

  13. I am such a big lavender fan. I must go and do this. what a great idea. #countrykids

  14. I love it here. Its only a 20 minute drive for us - but I forget to go here! Lovely photos. #CountryKids x


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