Some very exciting family news over here!

So... I've got something to tell you all.

November 2017: Wave to Mummy family picture

You may have noticed that I have been complaining a lot about being oh so tired, and oh so lacking in energy, and a bit sick recently. Or more likely, you may not have noticed as I haven't been here on the blog much the last three months. Alongside just normal work, the mere thought of doing anything extra has been just too much. But the fog is lifting, and I might as well cough it up. 

Next May our family of three will become four!

Pregnancy announcement photo - holding four fingers up

While our daughter wasn't too bothered by the news when we first shared it (check below the video!) since she has become incredibly excited and told everyone she knows, many many times, every single day, how there is a baby in mummy's tummy, and that she will be a big sister. Her poor teachers are bearing the brunt of it. 

As a little baby gifts, we've got her the book There's a House Inside My Mummy, and a bright pink I'm a Big Sister T-shirt, and she has been revelling in her new status.

Showing pregnancy scan

In other areas, our November went pretty normally.

For me:

  • I was busy at work, surprise surprise, and starting to very much look forward to my maternity starting next year April time(ish)!
  • Went to YouTube HQ, where they have this hang-around cafe/area/studio for "creators". They did a special course for us would-be parent vloggers, and it was great to learn something new. 
  • Consequently, I've really wanted to put a bit more time into YouTube - it just feels so fresh and fun to do something I've never done before. I'm a big photography fan, and have written a blog for ages, but video... That's totally new (and a bit scary!) for me!
  • Tried marbling for the very first time, and it was incredibly easy!
  • Went to HyperJapan with my daughter - it's this big event where you have all kind of Japanese things from anime characters to fried noodles. It was a bit manic with a four year old in tow... 
  • Went to the Vuelio Blog Awards - not that I was up for anything, went there just to wine and dine and clap to others. 
  • Oh yes, and the last thing I just remembered... It was also my birthday! I'm now 34 years old and feeling very very old!

Family picture November 2017 Wave to Mummy

For Aili, my daughter:
  • She has been very excited about being a big sister and asks constantly if the baby is coming yet. 
  • She is also obsessed about bunnies. Absolutely obsessed. If you ever want to get her anything, if it's got bunnies on it, she will be happy. Her obsession is also seen on the video!  
  • I don't know what they do at the reception all day, but her outdoors jacket is usually covered in paint, and her cardigan in glue when she comes home. She seems to be very creative over there, and as the chief laundry maker in our house, it's a bit painful for me...
  • She hasn't been eating her lunch at school so we've had many many chats about it. And last week she finally finished her lunch, and got a sticker and was oh so proud! So we bigged it up of course, her finishing her lunch of fish and chips and beans ha ha... 

For my husband:
  • He has still been suffering from a trapped nerve in his back, but that's finally getting a bit better, yay!
  • He's been getting very into buying rugby shirts... He's got all the colours now!
  • He's got a new funky chair now - some sort of an ergonomic back-saving chair which takes the pressure off the spine. It's surprisingly comfy although I still prefer a normal chair. 
  • He's been enjoying getting gently back into the gym and getting the sweat on.  

How has your November been? And don't forget to check the funny reaction our daughter had to our pregnancy news below!


  1. Ihana uutinen! Onnea koko perheelle ja kaikkea hyvää odotukseen!

  2. Oh huge huge congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you and we are due the same month. I can relate to the fog lifting finally now. You should share this and any pregnancy, maternity, baby product and baby posts on my new linky BUMPS & BABIES every Thursday with me. It would be great to share our baby journeys together. #meandmineproject

    1. Oh thank you and huge congratulations to you too :) What a coincidence that we are due the same months! I'll definitely share on your linky once I get down to writing some pregnancy posts :)


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