A Japanese cherry blossom dress: Kids outfit of the day

I used to love sharing outfit photos of Aili when she was younger. Now, well, most of the week she is in her school uniform and the weekends are just manic-panic rushing around trying to do everything, so we rarely have time for those nice leisurely photo-shoots. These ones I snapped on route to a NumNoms-party a while back - she is wearing her new favourite dress, a gorgeous Japanese cherry blossom dress from Kiki Crafted with Love

girl smiling in a pink flower dress

It's just the season for cherry blossoms right now, that is, if you are in Japan. When I went to Japan (gosh, it was over 15 years ago!) I arrived just at best time for hanami, and loved the pink flurry that was everywhere. One of my early Japanese memories is of sitting for a picnic on a cherry blossom tree alley, eating onigiri (rice ball) stuffed with pickled plum and inarisushi (sweet tofu-wrapped sushi). 

Ever since I have been a huge fan of all things Japanese. Every time I pop by Spitalfields Saturday market I always make a beeline for Kiki's stall, and check out what new products she has made. OK, granted, I haven't got the time to visit the market very often nowadays, but when I do, you find me at her stall. I've first dressed Aili in one of her designs when she was just 1.5 years old

close up of girl smiling

girl with eyes closed

girl in a pink japanese flower dress

Last time I had a chance to visit we had a good natter and she gave me this dress for Aili. It being pink and having flowers meant Aili loved it instantly and wanted to wear it straight away, so on we popped it and went our merry pinky way. And now that I've got a new baby on the way I can't wait for a chance to pop by Kiki's stall again and buy one of her gorgeous babygrow kimonos

four year old girl smiling

girl showing off her dress

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