From three to four! How our family is growing...

For the past year or so I have done a monthly family portrait and a post about our lives here on the blog. I've been sharing what we have been doing and what we have been enjoying, and of course posting a picture of us all. The last time I did this was in April. I was meant to update again in May but as you may know, something else happened... 

pregnancy family portrait in park

pregnancy family portrait in park

pregnancy family portrait in park kid kissing the bump

We started May as usual. I was enjoying my maternity leave, me and my husband were busying ourselves prepping for the soon-to-be-here baby, and Aili was in school, not really enjoying that so much. Her favourite catch phrase nowadays seems to be "School - it's sooooo booooring". By the end of May I was heavily overdue. On Friday, the 25th May we went to the park to have our last night as a family of three. We grabbed fish and chips, our picnic blanket and of course a camera and a tripod and faffed in front of it. And here are the results. Aili is not much for posing nicely in front of the camera anymore - nowadays she asks us "to have attitude" for the pictures. So we comply the best we can! 

Saturday 26th May we deposited the older child to her Nanny's, and off we went, to the hospital for the induction. I was 40+12 weeks pregnant and actually feeling pretty fine, and definitely feeling like the baby was not about to arrive on their own at all. Oh no, she was happily nestled in there. That Saturday evening we went to the hospital, I got induced, we went back home to wait for the effects, and then returned back to the hospital after a kebab and a film... 

Sunday 27th May was a busy one. 

And then Monday 28th May we had a visit from our big one to see the little one in the hospital! 

family portrait with a newborn

family of four with a newborn

I had to stay in the hospital for another five days for post-checks on our little one. There were a couple of things that needed to be monitored, although it was all mostly precautionary at that stage. Thankfully, nothing started developing so we were finally released and could go back home on Friday, 1st June! Hence, no chance of updating my May pictures on the blog, as was too busy at the hospital and then of course with a newborn back home. 

In June, I am not even sure what we have done. It has gone past in a sort of a milky haze. We've had a couple of visitors home, Aili has been going to school as always, and mostly we have stayed around home and our town. Aili had her fifth birthday, so we collected her from school bearing huge balloons and invited a couple of her friends for a playdate on the day. Having a rather grumpy newborn in the house we couldn't organise a proper birthday bash for Aili, so tried to make it special in another way, and have delayed her proper big party to July. 

Other than that we have done the normal newborn things - named her finally after much deliberation (Aija - pronounced Eye-ya!), registered her, bought more baby kit, took crazy amount of photographs, slept far too little, and lived in a rather chaotic messy house. It is all, little by little starting to normalise now, and things are starting to become more of a routine. I am loving seeing that interaction between the girls and how their relationship is developing. In the last pictures our new little one is nearly one month old, we took it after enjoying a summer bbq at her Nanny's!

family portrait with a one month old

family of four smiling

family portrait in the garden

So that was our May and June this year. Our growing family. It's been a wild ride but an enjoyable one!

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  1. Oh she is absolutely beautiful. Love love these family snaps this moment. Isn't newborn bubble blissful? I am still stuck in and refusing to leave the sofa anytime soon. lol #meandmineproject

    1. It is lovely being in this bubble - we have been home a lot enjoying it! I hope you have had a lovely time with your new baby too :)

  2. Oh congratulations, she is beautiful! I love her name too, it's so unique and pretty :) Hope you're had a wonderful first month as a family of 4 xx

    1. Oh than you so much! We tried to keep in a theme with her big sisters name ha ha :)

  3. Congratulations on the arrival of baby Aija. I love the last photos of you as a family of three followed by the first ones of you as a family of four. I can imagine that June must have passed in quite a whirlwind for you. Hope Aili had a lovely 5th birthday and sounds like a good plan to have her birthday party this month instead. #meandmineproject

    1. Thank you :) I do love these portraits - they are very precious to me showing this development of our family! June was so busy though I'm glad we are in July now, it is finally starting to be a bit easier :)


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