8 great blog posts I read this week

I love reading other blogs - as a form of entertainment I like it far more than watching TV or reading glossy magazines. Somehow they seem honest, and the serendipity and the pot-luck nature of them means you might have stumble upon something educational, funny, unique, heart-wrenching, or all of the above all at once. 

Here is my collection of the top 8 blog posts I've stumbled across this week, and why I liked them. 

1. Seychellesmama tells a tale of a day of messy play... Absolutely hilarious and I laughed out loud - you also get two valuable lessons at the end of the tale.

2. Mummy's blog gives 10 tips for gifts for new mums. This post struck a chord, as I remember when I was at a hospital, everyone brought gifts for the little one (which was lovely and what I expected). But after quite a hard labour and several days of being in the hospital, those little gifts, just for me, made me so happy. It felt like I mattered. I got a mini orchid to cheer up my room (I still have it, 16 months later, and it is about to bloom soon) and a massive gift basket of Body Shop body products.

3. Redhead Babyled tells of her pet hates in blogging - beware if you do these! I do have to agree with most of them - and I am sure many of you other bloggers / blog readers will find the same things annoying. Captcha anyone?

4. A Mum in London asks if London is a child-friendly city. I am not sure - on the one hand there are so many great things to do with kids here, but then again, the city sort of conspires against you so you can't do too much. 

5. This post by Mums Days really explained how you can make your blog facebook page work for you. It was so good it makes me want to set up a facebook page for my blog and try these tips!

6. Honest Mum (a super blogger) gives her top tips for blogging - her last one is especially important. You know, what you should be doing if you want to be blogging...

7. You Baby Me Mummy wrote about different types of dads - I identified the daddy in our household to be a SAHD with a bit of a competitive dad in the mix. What kind of dads do your kids have?

8. This is a guest post on Mumsnet by a blogger Leigh Kendall who writes about Baby Loss Awareness Month, her own loss, and how the reactions of other people made her feel. Powerful, sad, informative and helpful, all of the same things at the same time. While I can never understand what she and other parents who have lost a baby are feeling, I now know not to avoid addressing their child.

So there are eight different, funny, sad, insightful, powerful, interesting and great posts for you to have a look at. I recommend all of them.  

I would love to hear of any other great posts you have read this week!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post. Glad you liked it x

  2. Thanks for making the list - I'm going to check all these out now x

    1. I hope you'll find some nice new blogs too through these :)

  3. What a great list, will have to check out the ones I haven't yet read =)

    1. Yeah, definitely, they are all really good :) I'll have to make another compilation like this again sometime (I read a lot of blogs...).

  4. Thank you for including my guest post. I'm overwhelmed at the response, and pleased so many people have said they now know to talk to bereaved parents about their babies - it will help us feel a little less isolated. Some brilliant posts in your list - I particularly enjoyed Honest Mum's and Mums' Days posts, great advice generously shared xx #TheList

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story - you write so beautifully and honestly. So sorry for you and Hugo. I read your posts Hugo's Story and An open letter to the neonatal staff - what a brace little fighter he was.

  5. Great list!! And thank you so much for including mine, I'm really glad you found it useful...have you set up FB yet?! haha!

    Looking forward to catching up with the ones I missed too - Especially Donna's - I bet I'm doing some of those blogger things, I never seem to get it right!! xxx Thanks for linking to #TheList xxx

    1. Ha, no, not yet - maybe it could be one of my blogging goals for November :)

      I do have to say I was in agreement with Donna on most of the things on her list - there are lots of annoying blogging practices I wish people would stop doing - captcha being the most annoying :)


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