Funny things my 3 year old daughter has been saying lately

In the last month or so my daughter has been having lots of proper conversations with us. I am loving her chatty nature, and oh gosh, is she getting talkative! Every day it seems she learns some new words, and every day it seems she is getting better and better at expressing herself. She is quite humorous too, making little jokes. Sometimes, when we scold her for behaving naughty she gets quite cross too, and tells us to "leave me alone" or "stop behaving like that".

Here are a few of the priceless conversations we have had with our daughter recently.

While in town:
Hubby took our three year old daughter to town the other day. While there, she played with another little girl who had her baby sister with her. As they walked back, she started a conversation.
"Girl had a baby sister."
"Yes, she did, that was nice wasn't it?"
On the toilet:
"I did a daddy poo. 
Daddy poo is BIG and very stinky. Ha ha!
Daddy poo is so stinky it needs a shower.
It has three eyes. "

When daddy asked what she does with mummy:
"We go on the bus, we lick ice cream, we dance."

Talking about parental differences:
"Daddy has a little bottom. I have a little bottom. Mummy has a BIG bottom. Ha ha!"

(Yes, well, thank you. Suppose that's what taking the bus does to you. Like they say, out of the mouths of babes... )

What funny things have your kids said?


  1. hehehe! How cute! I love it when they are this age. So honest and funny :)

    1. They are just the best aren't they :) and the cheeky and humorous personalities are emerging, the jokes kids make at this age are so cute :D

  2. Aww love the list of things she does with mummy! Such happy memories x

    1. Ha ha it made me smile that list! I often take her on a bus for a treat ha ha, she loves riding the bus, and with daddy she usually takes the car :)

  3. Meillä 2v7kk tekee useita erialaisia kakkoja, hän siis itse luonnehtii niitä. On kynttiläkakkaa ja etanakakkaa ja kivikakkaa jne...

    Nykyään myös kaikkea matkitaan. Tänä aamuna hän möreällä äänellä totesi "nyt nukkumaan", ja hetkeä myöhemmin samalla äänellä "ei nyt katsota tablea (=tabletti)". Päättelin, että samoilla sanoilla isi häntä pari iltaa sitten komensi. :)

    Eli joo, nämä kolmivuotiaat tai lähes kolmivuotiaat näyttää olevan aika mainioita tyyppejä. :)

    1. Ihana - ha ha tämmöisiä tän ikäiset vähän on, kakkajutut on tosi pop :D Meillä on isäkakka (tosi iso), ja myös äitikakka (vähän pienempi) ja vauvakakka (niitä pikku kikkaroita)... Joskus tulee myös mummukakka ja ukkikakka :D

      Ha ha meillä matkitaan kanssa isää ja äitiä, yleensä just sitä komentamista tosiaan ja äänensävyillä. Äiti kuulostaa kovin kimittävältä meidän talossa, isä möreältä :)

  4. Awww this made me laugh! They're so funny at three - the things they come out with! ;) xx

    1. I know, bless, they are just nuts at this age aren't they :)

  5. I quite like the sound of what you and your daughter do all day - especially the eating ice-cream part. Even her cheeky comment about she and daddy having little bottoms and Mummy having a big bottom is quite cute - kids can be a bit brutal with their honesty though sometimes, can't they? Thank you for linking up to #ftmob :-)

    1. Ha ha she is quite brutal... Not that she isn't right, but still, I'd rather hear I have a little bottom :D I really liked her description of our days together, and I can actually remember a day when we did exactly that :) Thanks for hosting!


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