A day out at our new favourite beach

We went to the beach. 

It has taken us quite a while to go to the beach as a family... I've been speaking of wanting to visit one of these beaches near to London ever since our daughter was born, probably even longer than that. The same summer our daughter was born, we were just about to go to one of these beaches, I think the plan was to go to South-end-on-sea, but as the aircon in our car failed and we were not happy to risk being stuck in a hot car in traffic with a new baby, we just dropped it. And every year we were meant to go, but it was always too far, we were too busy, too this, too that. 

But quite recently a friend tipped us off a nice beach near(ish) to London. A non-commercial, lacking in any of the traditionally tacky seaside attractions, not even an overpriced ice cream cone in sight, just sand and the sea (and of course the locals). 

So off we packed our car to go to Frinton-on-sea, clammed right between Clacton-on-sea and Walton-on-sea.

toddler girl at beach with Trunki swim bag

building sandcastles at frinton-on-sea

girl on a beach and a bee

frinton-on-sea seaside

toddler girl running into the sea

dad and daughter splashing in the sea

dad and daughter in the sea with giraffe float

toddler girl by the seaside

Frinton-on-sea - one of best sandy beaches near to London. Taking a family selfie by the seaside and sharing lots of pictures of Frinton beach.

toddler girl in pink flower towel poncho from boots

man throwing a rugby ball

fit flops on sandy beach

A beautiful family friendly beach near London - Frinton-on-Sea. This is our new favourite beach near London - a sandy beach and lack of commercialisation. Have a look at the pictures of Frinton-on-sea beach front and get some tips on what to expect at Frinton seaside.

So off we packed our car full of all the necessary items for the beach and set on our journey. Alongside the normal items like a picnic, plenty of water , towels and sunscreen, I also always pack plastic flipflops and talcum powder. The flipflops because I can't stand sand in my shoes, with the flipflops you can walk towards the waves and let the sea wash the sand off for you. And talcum powder is perfect to get the sand off rest of your limbs - especially handy with kids. 

It was lovely this beach, Frinton-on-sea. The sea was clear, well, as clear as you can get on the English canal, and the air was fresh. It was just a pure traditional beach, with nothing commercial in sight, just beach huts, sand and sea. There were toilets a short walk away, a tap to get water from, and the town where you could go and get some snacks if you needed to. And the best thing of it all... Free parking. All you really need of a beach. 

So we went swimming, and we went splashing and we went wading. At some point our daughter was trying to egg us on to swim to France. She was planning on floating on her giraffe all the way there and daddy could apparently swim next to her. I said I wouldn't mind as long as they brought back a redblochon for me.

frinton on sea bach huts

dad and daughter at beach

frinton on sea beach huts

dad and daughter on beach

mum and daughter on beach

mum and daughter smiling on beach

seashells in hand

seagull flying

mum collecting seashells with daughter

mum showing seashells to daughter

As the day was nearing it's end and after collecting all those seashells, we were salivating at the thought of fish and chips. Well, OK, it was mostly me salivating. If I am at the beach I must have something seasidey to eat.

For some reason we could not find a fish and chips shop open anywhere in Frinton-on-sea in the evening, so we drove up to Walton-on-sea to Yate's Fish and Chips, another tip-off from the friend. And it was oh so good. I had skate, which is quite meaty and chunky in it's texture (would definitely recommend it!) and hubby had his usual favourite, cod. And of course we had mushy peas, and he had a pickled egg, which is pretty much as weird as you could imagine it to be. I tasted it once and it's alright I suppose with fish and chips, but I'm definitely more of a mushy peas type of a girl. 

dad and daughter by the seaside

fish and chips bag

After a long long long day at the beach it felt so good to come back home... Feeling all seasidey and salty, and fresh, and dreaming of another trip to the seaside...

Where is your favourite beach?

Looking for a good beach near London? Here is our favourite, non-commercial beach - in Frinton. See why here!


  1. I don't think we ever did a day at the beach from London but you look to have found a great beach. It looks so sandy and pretty and I love the little row of beach huts. We don't have these in Cornwall. I'm surprised the roads aren't jammed with the whole of London heading out to Frinton-on-Sea, may be they will be after seeing your lovely photos! What a perfect looking family day you made it.

    Thank you for sharing with me in #CountryKids

  2. That looks such a nice beach so close to London. I really like how much of a seaside feel it has. Looks like your kids had a great day and love your photographs #CountryKids

  3. That looks like a perfect day out. I love being beside the sea. My favourite beach (in this country) is Weymouth. Abroad I love Nissi beach in Cyprus. #Countrykids x

  4. My in laws took my son to Frinton beach & he loved it. I love Great Yarmouth purely for nostalgic reasons x

  5. I would never have guessed that you could get to such a nice beach so close to London. Looks like you had a lovely day from all your gorgeous photos.

  6. Looks like you had a lovely day at the beach. Sunshine, sea and sand - what more could you need and it doesn't look too busy either. Love that your daughter wanted to try to get to France in her giraffe. Finishing off with fish n chips is the perfect way to end a beach day too :-) #countrykids

  7. This looks like a perfect spot, and great to find somewhere close to London. When we lived in London I don't think we ever made it to the beach! Sounds like you had a fabulous day, and I love your photos :) #countrykids


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