Arsenal Stadium Tour - what is it really like?

Visiting Arsenal Stadium was one of those experiences my husband had longed for, probably since his childhood. Last year, as a late birthday treat I took him and our three year old to visit the stadium on a self-guided audio-tour. Our family visit to the Arsenal Stadium went well, and who knows, maybe we will visit again! That might happen when you are married to a die hard Arsenal fan... Until then, here are loads of pictures, a video and some top tips on visiting Arsenal Stadium with kids.

What the Arsenal Stadium Tour is like? At the Arsenal entrance

Arsenal Stadium box office

Arsenal Stadium audience tunnel

Arsenal Stadium Ken Friar bridge

Arsenal Stadium statue outside

Family picture outside Arsenal Stadium

mum and daughter sitting on Arsenal Stadium steps

Arsenal Stadium Emirates stadium outside

girl running outside Arsenal Stadium

Reviewing the Arsenal Stadium tour in London, UK - lots of pictures and top tips on how to get there and what to do. The post also explains what the tour is like with kids, and how Arsenal Stadium Tour is suitable for families. This is a great place for a Gunners fan to visit, and would be great for any football lovers.

I have been to Arsenal Stadium events a few times before (as a first aider) - twice a match and once a concert. While nothing can beat the feeling you get from thousands and thousands of Arsenal fans chanting when their team is playing against Manchester United in the semi-finals, or the amazing atmosphere at a Bruce Springsteen concert, seeing the absolutely massive stadium and getting an inside look into many of the private areas was incredible.

We spent a while just chilling in the spectator seats, watching the pitch. At the time (summer 2016) they were doing the pitch work, meaning grass had been stripped out and new was being planted. While seeing the lush green grass first had would have been pretty amazing, one the other hand, we did get to see something that is only done ever five to ten years due to it being so expensive and time-consuming (it takes several months!). Watching the grass planting machines, which look a bit like ice resurfaces your see in ice skating rings, was mesmerising.

Arsenal Stadium pitch work

mum and daughter at Arsenal Stadium pitch side

dad and daughter looking at Arsenal Stadium  pitch

pitch works at Arsenal Stadium

dad and daughter looking at the pitch at Arsenal Stadium

Arsenal Stadium clock

dad and daughter at Arsenal Stadium audience seats

I was surprised at how many places we could visit. Alongside the spectator seats, we got to see the players dressing rooms, managers room, the fancy restaurants, the trophies, press rooms and so on. Sadly due to the pitch work we couldn't go into the players tunnel or the pitch side, but usually you would get to do that too. We didn't have a chance to the Arsenal Museum at the time either, and might make another visit there just for my husband's benefit.

Is this a fun attraction to take your kids to? I think yes, although it is of course much more suitable to older kids, school age upwards. Our three year old naturally could not have cared less of Arsenal, but enjoyed running around the spectator seats and the players dressing room. Because this attraction is primarily for adults, kids under five get free access.

trophy room at Arsenal Stadium

directors box at Arsenal Stadium

directors box bar at Arsenal Stadium

mum and daughter at Arsenal Stadium Tour players changing room

sitting in Arsenal Stadium changing room

managers room at Arsenal Stadium  Tour

sitting at press briefing room at Arsenal Stadium Tour

Gunners cannon outside Arsenal Stadium

Arsenal Stadium Tour certificate for Wave to Mummy

For families the only feasible tour is the self-guided tour (on non-match days) which we had, or a guided match day tour. If you are seeing the stadium with just adults, you could also book a Legends tour in which a former Arsenal player will show you around, which to be honest, sounds amazing. Maybe for another birthday...

We had the self-guided audio tour but due to minding our little madam couldn't really concentrate too much on the guide. Thankfully if you have a super-fan like my husband with you, they pretty much already know what is what and can tell you. So all in all, we enjoyed visiting Arsenal Stadium, and I would love to know if you are planning to visit or have visited it already!

Top tips on visiting Arsenal Stadium with kids:

  • You can get tickets from the stadium doors or buy them online - they are £22 per adult when bought from Arsenal, or you can also buy them from, where two adult tickets are £40, a bit cheaper. Match day tours are more expensive.  
  • Under fives go free! So that saves a pretty penny if you have younger kids. That said, small children won't find it particularly interesting so you will have to factor that in and probably have a quick whizz-around tour and plenty of snacks. 
  • Walk up to the stadium from Arsenal tube station. You get awesome views of the stadium as you circle it round from the back like you would when you come for a match. You'll get the giddy mood that comes with it all. The closest tube station is actually Holloway Road station (non-match days only!), so if you are running short of time do consider that. 
  • The gift shop has some great kids sports clothing, branded Arsenal of course. The football shirts cost a pretty penny though - a cheaper alternative is one of those cotton t-shirts. We paid about £10 for a basic grey Arsenal T-shirt.  
  • Pose for a shot with the cannons outside!
  • There is a nice, albeit basic, traditional English greasy spoon (cafe) right outside the exit on the other side of the road. I found them to be very child-friendly. 

Arsenal Stadium in London UK. Family review of the Arsenal Stadium tour. What the Arsenal Stadium Tour is like, and some top tips if you take your kids with you!

Have you ever visited Arsenal Stadium? How was it?

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  1. So cool that you get to venture behind the scenes! I have always wanted to go to a Premier League match. We were in London in February and of course the weekend we were there, they were off (I think maybe it was Intl weekend). But even though I don't have a favorite team, I have always liked Arsenal because, c'mon, how cool is that name? lol #farawayfiles

  2. Wow! I have not seen the new stadium but did stand on the North Bank at Highbury a few times. That was pretty special. I'm not into football anymore but I can see how this is a must do activity for fans. Thanks for joining #FarawayFiles


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