On the Yyteri beach: in Finland

Here are some pictures from Yyteri, a place some people consider to be one of the best sandy beaches in Europe. These are located in Finland and I used to come here often as a kid. 

stokke mycarrier on a beach

My baby and I went on a quick holiday to Finland a while back to see my folks. It was lovely, althought I did feel like I needed another holiday right afterwards just to recuperate from the previous. We were on the move just about every day, seeing family, meeting friends, going sightseeing, enjoying oudoor concerts at a jazz festival... Every day. It was fun, but exhausting.

yyteri beach sandy beach in finland

One evening we went to the beach front near my parents second home. We used to live near that beach when I was little so I have many fond memories of building sand castles and wading into the sea, sun shining into my eyes. I wish Aili will get those memories too. We walked on the beach barefoot, enjoying the breeze and sea air, feeling the squishy sand between our toes. It was cold though, so instead of going for a swim and turning into ice lollies we popped in a cafe to have an one.

yyteri sandy beach in finland

I wish I lived near a sea front. I'd love to do this more often, not to mention that carrying a baby and walking in sand, up and down sand dunes, felt like a great work-out. I could definitely feel it in my thighs. I would be fit no time!

stokke mycarrier yyteri beach

Have you ever been to Yyteri?

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