Welcome to my blog!

I figured the best way to start this blog would be for me to introduce myself, my family, and tell you a bit more about what this blog will be all about.

I've blogged on and off (mainly on) for donkeys and I love it as a hobby. I've gained new friends, exchanged opinions on matters close to my heart and just had loads of fun writing about things I care about. Blogging has helped me to develop my writing skills, and has made me into a better photographer. I have even learned a tiny bit of techie stuff while fiddling with the look of the blog. It would be a push to call it coding, but you know, techie stuff. Long story short, I guess my main point is I love blogging and am here to stay.

The reason I decided to start a new blog was that my old blog didn't feel like "me" anymore. Do you know the feeling when you meet up with an old friend, and realise you have grown apart and the two of you have little to talk about? That is what I started to feel like. I started my old blog in 2008 when I was an expat student, and while I had lovely readers and a little community, my interests had moved on. I wanted to move on to blogging about parenting and baby stuff and all that connected with being a mum. So here we are, clean slate and all.

Anyway, that's enough about my old blog and let's move to more interesting things, like my new blog! I also wanted to quickly introduce myself to you.

This is me and our daughter

A super-short biography of my family and I

I am originally from Finland and my name is Sanna. My husband is a born and bred Londoner. We met on a chair lift in Chamonix, France in 2006. Luckily for our little family, a week before that I had submitted my UCAS application to study in UK and half a year later I ended up in a London uni. We picked it off from where we left it in France. After a few years we got married and June 2013 our daughter Aili was born. Now I work full-time and my husband stays home to look after our child.

This is my husband

What this blog will be about

This blog is about the London life of a career mum, stay-at-home dad, and a toddler girl. You could call it a parenting/lifestyle blog I suppose. I love photography and capturing those wonderful little everyday moments our family shares, and that will be one part of this blog. Occasionally I also want to share my thoughts about a wide variety of parenting-related topics, and maybe even share some tips and tricks on how to stay sane in the midst of it all! As it is such a big part of my life, finding balance between career demands and family life will surely feature in as well. My husband might every once in a while pop by as a guest writer and share his experiences of being a dad at home. Other than that, I have lots of ideas for the blog, such as monthly features and am very excited about it all!

You might also wonder where the name for my blog comes from. "Wave to mummy" is what my husband says to our daughter every morning when I am leaving for the day. We thought it was quite an apt name for the blog, with this blog being about our life as a working mum / SAHD family.

So, welcome to my brand spanking new blog, and I hope to see you here again.

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