Our family picnic out in the sunset at Forty Hill

We decided to have a little family picnic at our local beauty spot - Forty Hill. It was one of those days, when it was just too hot to do anything. Then the night came and we still hadn't done anything. Not really gone out, not really done anything useful. It was time for a dinner, and soon bed time routine would start.

dad and daughter at forty hill

picnic basket

Then it just came to me - let's dine al fresco. I had bought us a picnic basket ages ago, and we had never used it. We had a picnic blanket, some scones, what more would we need. Well OK, a few more bits I rushed out to our local convenience store to get, such as cornish clotted cream... But anyway.

forty hall enfield picnic jam and scones

mummy and daughter eating a scone, daughter looking at mum

We rushed out and set our blanket and basket up by our local heritage site. We could hear the geese quacking and honking at the near-by pond. It was cool but not too cold. Our daughter sat on our laps. We sat down to munch our wraps, and eat our scones and there it was. Our perfect, little, ordinary picnic. Not planned, not thought out, just one of those ordinary moments you want to remember for years to come. Munching on a scone and breaking off pieces of yours to give to your toddler who always wants what you are trying to eat. Not having to rush anywhere. Enjoying the scenery and the company. The air was clear, and the sun was setting, and the birds were flying above the park. An ordinary little picnic to keep in our memories.

mum holding baby girl and smiling

Have you ever been to Forty Hill?

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  1. What magical family moments! Inspired to do this myself, I just need the weather to warm up again! #OrdinaryMoments

    1. Picnic's are lovely... Too bad it looks like another typical British Bank Holiday weekend, I wish it would have been decent weather to do this again :)

  2. What gorgeous photos, I love your picnic basket. And the food is making me hungry! We have had countless picnics this summer, albeit just grabbing a sandwich and meal deal from the supermarket but somehow it seems more special when you eat it outdoors. We love picnics! x

    1. It doesn't really matter doesn't it, any food tastes better outdoors. I have been guilty of just grabbing MaccyD's for a picnic, meal deals are much better :)

      An the picnic basket is fab, I wish we had had more chances to use it this summer!

  3. Ha we too have a picnic basket like that! Used it maybe twice! These days we shove the picnic in whatever we lay our hands on but you have reminded me how lovely it is to make an effort sometimes. #ordinarymoments

    1. Yeah, we've used ours once... I hope we can have some autumn picnics too and use it again, it does sort of make it more special to use a proper kit like a picnic basket :)


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