Flying high up in the air - parenting differences between mums and dads

We went out to the park the other day to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and warmth. While we were there I also got thinking about the differences in parenting styles.

mum throwing baby in the air

We gave her a whirl and threw her up in the air. We let her enjoy the thrill of flying, her knowing that we were there to catch her when she falls. Because that is what parents do, isn't it? Let their children explore and be there to support them when they tumble. Be there for them, no matter what.

dad throwing baby in the air

When I looked at the way we interacted with our daughter I started to think about the differences in parenting styles mothers and fathers have. Maybe it is just me, but I do find I am the more timid, the more cautious, and the more careful parent. I am afraid that something might happen, that she might fall and hurt herself. I don't throw her up in the air, not really, I keep her close, like she is still my little baby.

My husband on the other hand lets her explore. Lets her try out new things, lets her have an adventure, lets her jump on the sofa without holding her hand in case she falls. He throws her up in the air, higher and higher. I find men often have that type of parenting style - more relaxed and carefree style, allowing their children to explore and try new things without being overly cautious.

Maybe that is the right way, and the better way, because you let your child become themselves, and learn themselves, from their own mistakes.  Someday we all parents need to learn to let go, and let our children be themselves and use their own wings to soar high, up in the air.

Even if I would forever want her to be my little baby :)

Do you notice differences in parenting in your family?

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  1. Great pictures! I think this is really interesting as my hubby and I are the other way round. I think it is the parent that is with them more, that is more relaxed. :) x #OrdiaryMoments

    1. Thanks! Yeah maybe it is that. I do notice that the longer I've been at work the more and more I am reliant on my husband on knowing her schedule and what she needs - sometimes I even feel very clumsy with her.

  2. What gorgeous photos especially the first one. I am not sure what we are like, I think we are both quite similar in our parenting styles- but I would say my husband is slightly more adventurous than I am and a little bit more relaxed. I find the parenting dynamics really interesting. x

    1. I like that her hat is falling off in that one :) I find it quite interesting too to compare parenting approaches. Not to say that any is any better than the other, just different, and it's good kids get used to different parenting styles.

  3. Not just you! With my husband my son is wild and more rough. With me he is more calm and gentle. His Dad really bring the roughness in him. You have lovely photos #TheOrdinaryMoments

    1. Oh that is really interesting! I guess it is sort of similar with my daughter too - with me she is much more cuddly and relaxed, and with my husband she is running around wild and giggling lots :)


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