Our Christmas card photoshoot 2013

We did finally manage to take a Christmas card photo for this year. It was tough though. There was a terrible light most of the time, lots of things going on so we didn't have the time to properly wait for a good opportunity, and then all of us got ill, one after the other. A speedy Gonzales for a toddler didn't help matters. But we did get the picture, after three separate photography sessions...

But before I share our Christmas card 2014 (it's here btw), let's go back a year to our 2013 photoshoot. It was much easier - I was on maternity leave, so had plenty of time to wait for the "good light" and had a 6 month old baby who only crawled.

We gave her a little prop -  a felt apple I bought ages ago from a Christmas market. Her little elf's hat is Marimekko, and I was quite happy to see it still fits, so she is wearing it in the 2014 Christmas card too. Yae!

I did love this picture, but in the end we didn't use it for the card. There were plenty other ones as well that we loved and here is a selection of the best ones.

There were plenty of silly faces being pulled. While we absolutely loved the funny faces, we thought a slightly more traditional card would be best. One where our little one would look like an exceptionally cute elf.

This one above is the face we call "Aili for the next President of the World" face. No, it didn't make the card either.

The one above, where she is chewing her fingers was the one we were for quite a while thinking might make the eventual card. It is just so cute, so babyish, and I absolutely loved it. It was a favourite of mine. We thought about it long and hard, but eventually decided to go for something more traditional... And the final choice was.... The picture below. 

Our little Christmas Elf of 2013! 

What did you think of the picture? Did we make the right choice?

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